strongWOD Returns!

strongWOD Returns:

Fresh off the plane from his “engagement-cation”, Coach Jose is bringing strongWOD back to CFHV…and it all starts THIS Saturday, May 20 @ 10am!

This class implements things that are more like what you’ll encounter in real life.  Lifting odd objects, midline stabilization (that’s abs!), asymmetric exercises (one side at a time), and myriad of other cool new ways to move!

Sandbags, yoke carries, farmer’s carry, sled pulls, prowler pushing, tire flips, Atlas stone, sledgehammer, the list goes on…and don’t forget you get to enjoy the awesome California Summer outdoors more with this class!

Somebody asked me what muscles get worked the most during strongman type training…the answer may surprise you.

The muscles you will see the biggest change in…the place where you’ll start to notice new definition…the place you feel those gains?

Your abs!

That’s right!  strongWOD exercises are all about that midline stabilization.  Every type of human movement should be core to extremity to deliver the most efficient power…and who doesn’t want their summer abs?


We’ll get things started early enough that we all finish before noon.  This way if you have other plans or family events, you’ll have lots of time left to attend them.

We also like to finish before noon so you can all get it in before that afternoon heat kicks in!

The schedule for the day looks like this:

9:00am  Sign-In begins
9:30am  Opening Ceremony
9:45am  Heat 1 Starts

Heats will run every 30 minutes

Also, Murph will have daycare!  Two shifts available:


Remember that there are infinite scaling options, so EVERYBODY can participate!  Bring your friends and family.  Now is a great time to show off all of your gains and lead by example!

Take 10 Years Off Your Life:

No, not in the bad way.  I mean feel and look 10 years younger than you are!

I had an interesting article passed my way this week by Chico that correlates high intensity exercise (like CrossFit) with slowing the aging process of our cells.

It’s a quick read and you can check it out here:

Find an interesting article of your own?  Pass it my way so I can share it with the community!

Schedule this Weekend:

Saturday @ 9am: CrossFit Kids
Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
Saturday @ 10am: strongWOD returns!
Saturday @ 11:30-1:30: Open Gym
Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD