WOD #1 Announced!

WOD #1 Announced!

WOD #1 Announced!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, our first WOD for “Rumble in the Box” is…

…about to be announced.  First, some other very important items to mention:

Wishing Dorys a speedy recovery!

If you hadn’t heard, two of our Open Gym members were struck by a car on Thursday!

Dionisio & Dorys Vega were running the 200m, and while coming back from the stop sign, a car that was traveling down the alley struck them both.  Dionisio was able to jump out of the way and only got a scraped knee (#plyometrics), but unfortunately Dorys was struck near the foot and ankle.

Very luckily she only sustained a severe sprain, but no broken bones!

I’m VERY proud of how our CFHV community sprung into action to help her out. Ray Johnston & Coach Tyler gave statements to the police and kept checking in, while Nicolette Vallejo & Coach Deb stayed with their two young sons in the office after CF Kids. Finally, Anne Bosslet & Aime Del Valle made sure she got expert emergency medicine as well as an appointment to see a foot specialist.

It’s this kind of stuff that makes me so proud of our community and how willing everybody always is to pitch in and help out another member in need.  We all come from such different backgrounds, it’s no surprise that whatever the need, there is probably a fellow member who can help you out!

Dorys & Dionisio were both back in the gym the very next day with smiles on their faces.  They love fitness and just found alternative ways to continue exercising. #resilient

Everybody make sure to wish Dorys well and a speedy recovery when you see her in person, on her Instagram or Facebook!

USAW Certificiation

Myself and Coach Bryan Felix were very honored to attend our USA Weightlifting certification this weekend to continue our Olympic Weightlifting education.  Hosted at Sean Waxman’s gym in Lawndale, this two day course was incredibly comprehensive and fulfilling for us both.

Waxman’s gym trains some of the top Olympic Weightlifters in the world…let me say that again…in the WORLD.  We even got to witness two of his female lifters who will be going to the PANAM Games at the end of next month, and very likely will lift in the next Olympics!

Coach Bryan and I will be implementing this knowledge right away in class, but we’re most excited to apply it to our Oly Drills for Skills Class when it returns on Saturday, July 29!

“Rumble in the Box” WOD 1:



10 BOX JUMPS (30/24”) (24/20” STEP-UP)
10 DEADLIFT (225/155#) (165/115#)
2 REPS of this COMPLEX: 2 T2B + 2 PULL-UP + 2 C2B (V-UP + PUSH-UP + PULL-UP)

*each round: +1 rep of complex

*each rep of the complex must be unbroken

(blue is scaled division)

Partners may share work however they want.  You may alternate at any time, but only one partner may work at a time.  Not all partners must do all movements. Complete the work however you see fit.

Each set of partners will get 2 barbells, but only 1 box & 1 bike.

Any questions? Please feel free to email me! dan@crossfithighvoltage.com