SPECIAL guest blog with Nutritionist Arielle Zieja!

SPECIAL guest blog with Nutritionist Arielle Zieja!

SPECIAL guest blog with Nutritionist Arielle Zieja!

Have you ever wondered why some days at the gym you feel like you can tap into that extra bit of energy, while other days you feel like the food you ate is sticking to your bones and making it hard to move?

We all know that overeating and large amounts of sugar and alcohol can affect our performance, but do you know why?

The real crux of this comes down to energy systems. Our body has several ways of delivering energy to our muscles and brain, and each of those methods utilizes different fuels. So, what you put into your body affects so much more than your pant size. It has a clear, direct impact on your performance. Whether it’s your performance on the computer at work, crushing a new clean PR, getting through a metcon, or going on a long hike with your friends.

Someone recently shared a video with me all about these energy systems, why the traditional approach to “carbing up” may not be the best for every person, and how converting your body’s energy usage to fats *most of the time* can seriously improve your athletic performance.

It may not be for everybody, and for this stage of your life, but it’s definitely some useful info!

If you want to check out the information and learn more about energy systems, check out the video link at the end of this post. But before you do, I want to share one more thing with you.

If you’ve ever had questions about stuff like this, or just feel like you’re not 100% where you’d like to be with your health, consider getting some nutrition help through CFHV and its Nutrition Challenges.

Info about things like energy systems, supplements, and enhanced performance are just some of the things we talked about in our recent gym-wide nutrition challenge. It was amazing to see how many of you were hungry for knowledge about how to improve your health, and how many of you successfully did so!

We had folks lose weight, gain weight, improve performance, and finally understand their eating habits and how to change them.

So many of your fellow gym members have changed their lives for the better, so if you know someone who participated in the challenge, give them a high five for the hard work they put into it!

A lot of them had great things to say about the program and what it did for them. Check out some of the responses!

“After 2 weeks into the challenge. I was able to move faster, better during the workouts. Now, I know what to eat, how much and when to avoid. My body hates sugar now. Feels weird in my stomach when I eat sugar 🙂 This is a huge drift in my life before. I am not that attracted to desserts anymore. I feel like I have more self control now.” – Vinay Kanna

“Arielle was able to pinpoint my food intolerances relatively quickly and guide me toward foods that work much better with the way my body functions. She understands that we all operate internally and in life differently, and she works with you in that manner. I’m not sure I ever really felt true hunger until I regained control over my blood sugar. I ate when I crashed, and that was it. I now have enough tools to maintain my blood sugar and help my kids who are showing the same signs of sugar intolerance.”   – Jessica Beck

“I found the information very enlightening.  Definitely making me think differently about my meals and supplements.  Not a diet but a nutrition education.” – Anonymous

“It is an approachable, positive, encouraging, customized program with just enough personal and group accountability to be exciting and keep you motivated, but not stress you out! A lot of programs seemed to be one-size-fits-all prior to joining this one, but this one truly felt personalized. Arielle was super knowledgeable on what felt like obscure questions, and made even talking about bowel movements helpful and simple, as a super effective tool for measuring health.”  – Monica Karell