Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

Regular Hours Today:

Hopefully you’re all enjoying your (hopefully) long holiday weekend.  As someone who doesn’t usually get holidays off of work,  I also understand that many of you may have to work today as normal.

That’s why for Monday, July 3, CFHV has a FULL regular schedule like any other day.  We want to make sure that everybody has a fair shot at getting in their training for the day.  It can be a real bummer to work all day and then find your favorite place (that’s CFHV!) closed or with early hours.

So come on in at your regular time, or come early, or come and train extra hours…we’re open!

4th of July Schedule:

For Tuesday, July 4th, we will observe the actual holiday by only having 2 classes at 9:30am & 12:30pm.  Regular programming will be in effect, so you can make sure that your training isn’t interrupted, but still have time to go to a bbq or enjoy the holiday in some other way. Don’t miss it though because this week we start with full snatches!

“Rumble in the Box”:

Issac is looking for a partner for RX, and Francisco is looking for a partner in scaled.  Shoot me an email, grab one of the coaches, or go sign up with one of them.  They’re both great guys, and this competition is really starting to blow up…it’s going to be epic!

To commemorate the epic-ness don’t miss out on the super cool t-shirt designed by our own Will Nichols!  Our t-shirt printer is closed for the long weekend, so that means YOU have an extra few days to get your order in on the sign-up sheet in the lobby.  Don’t wait though, because Tuesday, July 4th is it!

NEW Firebreathers:

In case you hadn’t heard, our Advanced/Competitor’s class is coming back on Saturday, July 29 @ 8am.  We will meet every week at that time.  This class requires that you pass a physical test called “Trial by Fire”.

This weekend, Will & Teen Estes (that’s them in the photo) both passed in sub 20 minutes!  They’re really great people and recently came to CFHV by way of CrossFit Invictus in San Diego.  They’re here to stay now and we’re really pleased to welcome them to the gym and now to our Firebreathers. Make sure if you see them to say hello and congratulate them!

Wanna take the test and see if you’ve got what it takes?  Ask me for a copy of “Trial by Fire” and start strategizing.  We’re having a gym-wide invitational test in on Saturday, August 12 @ 11:30am!

OK…see you all at the box.  Let’s have a great week!