Finding the Source

How many of us have felt that we need to get better instantly? I’m sure you’ve all experienced that frustration from time to time when you aren’t progressing as fast as you feel you should be.

Who’s to say what “should” be though? How ever fast we improve is directly related to the diligence of our efforts, so therefore we are all progressing exactly as fast as we “should” be.

If you harness your frustrations correctly, it can be transformed into motivation.

Many of us have fallen short of our self-appointed goals in an Open WOD or a bench mark, or even just in daily friendly competition among our peers. But how many of us have made a corrective behavior to alter the outcome the next time?

How many of us have tried to pinpoint the underlying issue so it can be addressed properly?  Much like with our mobilization efforts, often times the root cause of the pain is upstream or downstream from the actual symptoms.  So maybe the issue isn’t what it appears, but rather a proximal source.

For example, if the issue were pull-ups, you have to ask yourself what steps you have taken to improve upon that skill? A common misconception is just swinging aimlessly on the bar or yanking and falling will lead to skill acquisition over time. As far-fetched as it may sound, it isn’t as uncommon a thought process as you may think.

Even if the magic comes for that day, have you really improved? We want to procure skills for a lifetime with safe form and requisite strength and ability…not fleeting moments of empty satisfaction, or potentially cumulatively injurious behavior.

There are lots of cases of an athlete getting their first “XYZ” movement, and then a long period of time where they are unable to duplicate it.  I’m just as guilty of this myself.  When I got my very first ring muscle-up, it was nearly 3 weeks before I got a second one (and not for lack of trying), so what happened?

We must ask ourselves where we are truly deficient, and it isn’t always a fun question to ask. Issues can range from not having the appropriate structural strength, to lacking the tension needed to transfer force when required, to coordination in the chain of motion, or more than likely for many of us a mobility impingement.

It may not even be our ability to move correctly.  How’s your nutrition?  Are you getting enough sleep?  How’s your family life?  Job have you stressed out?  Yeah…there are many ingredients to this recipe.

As we ignore the root causes of our inabilities, the potential for injury increases exponentially.  At the very least, you’ll be missing out on the intended stimulus for that day and a myriad of opportunities for further learning.

Everything has a process, and we must be patient and follow the steps to arrive at our destination. As awesome as it is to PR, the risk is not always worth the reward.

Sometimes you need the watchful eye of your coach to spot that elusive trigger to firing on your success.  That’s what we’re here for!  Don’t be afraid to ask us to watch you move, offer a helpful tip, give you some mobility or strength “homework”, or even just something as simple as demonstrating the movement.

I can tell you  that I personally love to go deep and nerd out on the intricacies of fitness and optimizing performance of the human body.  Whether it be assessing imbalances, programming exercise, or more importantly dialing in nutrition and lifestyle habits, let’s talk!

We have our whole lives to get better, faster, & stronger. Take the time to improve on your weaknesses now and I guarantee you will see the benefits in the long run.