WOD #2 Announced!

WOD #2 Announced!

WOD #2 Announced!

“Rumble in the Box” WOD #2 is:

…at the bottom of this blog.  First, a little special guest blog from Coach Dizzle to motivate you to sign up!

“With the upcoming in house throw-down, I wanted to take some time to talk about competing.

I’ve competed in a number of competitions, and I know it can seem overwhelming. I’ve done coed competitions, team competitions, and an individual competition. I’ve competed in intermediate division, RX and advanced.

I’ve been on teams that have placed in the 20 somethings (yea I don’t remember exactly!) and I was on a team that placed first. Even though it was really great placing first, I learned and grew as an athlete by competing in all of these competitions.

You really do put yourself out there and that can intimidating. I had to run a 5K in one of the competitions, and I absolutely hate to run…especially for time. I considered dropping out.

I really didn’t want to do it- but I did. Even though I didn’t place well, it was more about the accomplishment of just doing it. It was about the challenge and stepping out of my comfort zone. It also gave me a chance to work on a weakness of mine.

I mention this because I’m sure some of you are on the fence about competing. Maybe you don’t  have your pull-ups yet, or you are a newer athlete.

The great thing about this competition is that it’s in house!! It’s a great place to do your first competition. It’s a safe environment with the support of the HV community.  It’s also a partner competition, so it gives you a chance to train and bond with another athlete.

The obvious advantage is that your partner is there to help you out and get you through the WODs! HV is offering two divisions so you can choose what best matches your ability right now.

I’m encouraging everyone to sign up, come out and have fun. At the end of the day, you’ll get a really great workout…and rumor has it there are some really amazing prizes!!!”

Thanks Coach Dizzle! We’re looking for at least one more team in each division to step up, and we still need female partners for Francisco in scaled, and Issac in RX division.  Now is a great time to jump in and have some fun!

Speaking of fun, onto WOD #2:

WOD 2: “Reflection” (15 MIN CAP)


60 WALL BALL (20/14#) (10/9’) (14/10#) (10/9’)
40 ALT DB SNATCH (50/35#) (35/25#)
20 THRUSTERS (95/65#) (65/45#)
400M BEAR HUG SANDBAG CARRY (135/95#) (200M 95#)


  • All movements must be done simultaneously in unison with your partner, except the sandbag carry.
  • For burpee plate jumps, you will do a burpee facing your plate on the ground, then jump onto it and open hips fully on top.
  • For sandbag carry, there is a 50m course (from the roll-up door to the sidewalk and then back).  Each 25m length will count as one rep. One partner works at a time, and you may switch any time a 25m length is completed.

So there it is!  Any questions?  Email me: dan@crossfithighvoltage.com or find me at the gym!