Passion! Guest blog with Coach Derrick

If you know Coach Derrick, you know he is one of the most welcoming, friendly, and outgoing people you’ll ever meet.  It’s infectious!
Today he has a guest blog about something he has in abundance: passion.  Read on and see if you don’t catch the bug!
“Passion. The word itself can have a multitude of meanings, yet is very simple.
Many of you observed passion in action during our recent In House Competition, “Rumble in the Box”. We all share a passion for fitness! Cheering on your peers as they fought through the workouts (some obtaining PR’s!!) should serve as a reminder to not be complacent in our routine but rather to push ourselves and our expectations just a bit further.
My challenge for you is to find a partner to help keep you accountable to your personal health and fitness goals. For me, I’ve started to work toward my mobility challenges by taking the extra time post WOD to focus on my trouble areas.
For you, this could be a PR you’re gunning after on a certain lift, learning and perfecting a certain movement, or just being more consistent in your workouts.
Facing your challenges and weak fitness areas can be difficult but with the support of a partner you’ll be more likely to achieve success. After all, that’s what the CrossFit community is all about.”