The Positivity Project

The Positivity Project

The Positivity Project

That’s what I’m going to try and do every Monday with the blog.  Put out something full of awesome, kick the week off with greatness, and I’m calling it the positivity project.

So what do I have today?

First off, today is our Lorna Jane trunk show!  The reps will be here this evening with deep discounts and tons of awesome athletic & fitness apparel.

They offer unique designs in stunning colors and are known for quality, comfort and their ability to motivate women to live an active lifestyle. So if you need to update your work-out wardrobe, check out this trunk show and be inspired!

Of course, please feel free to bring along any of your girlfriends to the event.

Next on the list I want to say how proud I am of so many of you this weekend!

It all started with our Firebreather’s class at 8am which continues to be pretty amazing.  I know we’re only three practices in, but each one has been better than the last and the energy & camaraderie of that group is a real blessing.  I can’t wait to see what awesome things will come out of having this class back at the gym after an 18 month hiatus.

Shred Sesh continues to be jam-packed every week- you guys love it! It’s one of my favorite classes to coach because we get to work on all of the bodybuilding and specialty work that is so important to the total picture of fitness.  All the little muscle groups, joint stability, and let’s not forget about the core work!

Another special thing about this class is that it brings together every class time throughout the week. Every ability level and every different type of member can be seen there, side by side and enjoying each other’s company and putting in the hard work on the stuff that isn’t always considered the “fun” stuff.

Another place where you see a huge diversity of members is Olympic Drills for Skills class. Coach Bryan and I must be the luckiest guys on the planet to have this much fun every week.  Teaching these complex movements is a real treat.

From novice to pro,  there isn’t a moment during this class we aren’t working that room!  Whether it be introducing one of our Fitness/Fusion/momWOD crew to these lifts for the first time, or helping a seasoned athlete refine their technique for an elusive PR, the value for us as coaches and the honor to guide you all is a great pleasure.

…and it’s working.  TONS of PRs this weekend and a 22 deep athlete class!

The final shout out is one one of my favorite annual events- our advanced class Trial by Fire test-in. This year was no exception, and our veteran Firebreathers were on deck to offer support to those testing in.

We had quite a few take on TBF, and we also had Mike & Ally tackle TBF 2.0!  They both made pretty quick work of it, both finishing well under the time cap.  Mike did say, “that was pretty tough”…but he made it look easy. Good job guys!

For our main event test-in for the advanced class, had Will Nichols, Chad Beck, Hugo De La Torre, Matt Capron, Randy Del Rosario, Frank Balbuena, Maurice Adkins, Brian Bertino, Juan Mundo, & Jen Perez. Each of them gave an amazing effort and pushed themselves to their absolute limit.

The mental component of the test is always the toughest, and I’m proud to say that each of them applied themselves with their full effort and never gave up through the very last moment. It was exciting, it was fun, and it was full of lots of support.

Although we didn’t get to add any new FB for this day, each of those who tested should hold their head high with pride.  Their day will come soon and I know we will see some of them pass before the year ends.

Let’s all apply OUR full effort to each day of training this week as we get into the meat of the cycle and enter the strength phase of our programming. It’s going to be great!