Did you know?

Did you know our Oly Class is back?

Olympic Drills for Skills has RETURNED! It’s every Saturday from 10-11:30am!

This class will run for 6 more weeks, and each week will focus on one of the Olympic lifts: the clean, the jerk, or the snatch.

By breaking them down into drills that address each portion of the lift before trying to put the whole thing together, it will help create the awareness & intention necessary to set you up for successful fluid movements.

There IS daycare for this class every week!

Did you know about our FREE CrossFit Pre-school Classes in August?

We’ve introduced our newest kid’s class, CrossFit Sparks! The Saturday schedule is:

CrossFit Kids (ages 8-12): 9:00am – 9:45am
CrossFit Sparks (ages 3-7): 10:00am – 10:30am

We’re giving this a trial run for the whole month of August, and our Sparks class will be totally FREE for this trial month. If you want to keep it on the schedule, all you gotta do is show up and have FUN!

Did you know about our September Event?

Bi-monthly we now have a community event that coincides with our programming for that cycle. The idea is that the movements and stimulus we see during those 8 weeks will prepare you for the event at the end.

It not only gives us something fun to look forward to that we can share as a group, but it also provides an opportunity to see that our training is working and we can enjoy the fruits of those efforts.

In May we had Murph, in July we had Rumble in the Box, in September you will have…

to wait for the official announcement next week! Rest assured it will be pretty darn fun, something totally different, AND get us out of the box and into the world!

Did you know we will be featuring Member Spotlights?

One of the new weekly features you will be seeing is a member spotlight. I’ll be sending out some questionnaires late this week that will collect a series of information on each of you willing to participate.

By no means is it necessary, but I’d love for us all to get to know each other a little better, find out something interesting, hear about one another’s struggles & triumphs, and most importantly have a chance to feature some of the awesome people we have here!

Did you know we’re bring back ITP?

What’s an ITP? It’s an Instructor Training Program, and maybe it’s right for YOU!

The best way to find and integrate new coaches is to promote from within. In 2011, 2012, & 2013 CFHV had ITP programs that ran for roughly 6 months each, that trained every coach you see here today.

This very comprehensive program will meet once per week for about 90 minutes, and will take those interested through the entire process necessary to become a CrossFit coach.

The program is FREE, but does require a serious commitment to consistency in attendance, and adherence to the protocols & homework contained therein.

The program will launch the first week of October. Think you may be interested?

All I require is you write me a short “letter of intention” of why you want to become a CrossFit Coach. It’s first step in an unbelievably rewarding process.

Send them to: dan@crossfithighvoltage.com

Schedule this Weekend:

Saturday @ 8am: Firebreather’s Class (advanced & requires test-in)
Saturday @ 9am: CrossFit Kids (ages 8-12)
Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
Saturday @ 10am: CrossFit Sparks (ages 3-7)
Saturday @ 10am: Olympic Drills for Skills
Saturday @ 11:30-1:30: Open Gym
Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD