NEW Balance App for CFHV!

Back in May I wrote a blog all about balance, and at that time I introduced a few ratios to help you all see where the ideal lift percentages of a balanced athlete were. That made me go down a wormhole and do some MAJOR research, which has now led to something pretty cool & special for CFHV.

More on that at the later…

One of the things that we touch upon from time to time is ratios and percentages of lifts.  Sometimes it is specific to our 1 rep max, and sometimes it is relative to our body weight. Using numbers in this way allows us to follow a program, and also to track our progress as we improve.

It’s also a very helpful tool in guaranteeing that you get the appropriate stimulus for each workout, and are scaled accordingly.

Usually we only talk about these numbers in reference to the specific lift that we are doing, and on even a more macro level to that specific day.  Today I want to give you some important key tips though that will tell you how ALL of the numbers relate to each other.

Have a really strong back squat but not so good on your front squat?  How’s your pull-up compared to your bench press?  How much should your snatch or clean number be?

…and what do these all have to do with each other anyway?  Is there any relation?

There is!  Let’s break down some of the “ideal” ratios & percentages in a balanced athlete. Everything is based off of our back squat, so in this case we’ll call our back squat 100%. Based off of that, consider the following:

front squat = 85%
deadlift = 125%
power clean = 66%
power snatch = 51%

Some other basic ratios:

power clean = bench
weighted pull-up = 33% of body weight
weighted dip = 33% of body weight
strict press = 65% of 1 RM pull-up

…but those are just a few numbers…remember that research I talked about?

I have now come up with a comprehensive list of ratios for nearly every lift & muscle group in the body…and Chico made it into an app!

Check out the NEW CFHV Balanced Athlete App right here:

I should mention if it isn’t already obvious that almost nobody nails these numbers dead on, so this is an ideal to shoot for or a “perfect world” scenario.

It does give us an exceptional insight into what to aim for though, and definitely let’s us all know what we need to work on.

Have any questions on how to read it?  Grab me at the gym or shoot me an email:


Let’s have a great week and try working towards being more balanced!