NEW cycle starts today!

NEW cycle starts today!

NEW cycle starts today!

This has been a pretty darn awesome cycle.  Just when I think it can’t get any better, you guys always surprise me.  It fills my cup and makes me proud to see so many PRs on the board yet again!

So many first-timers doing things they never thought they could, old vets hitting fresh numbers for the first time in years, new lifters working their Oly technique, and SO many people with new double-under records. It’s really very special what we’ve got here!

It’s all due to your hard work, consistency, and continued loyalty and trust in our process and brand.  There isn’t a day I take it for granted, and I’ll continue to bring you the best in Burbank.  So what’s next?

As always our format of Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays is geared toward progressive strength cycles, while our Oly day will be Tuesdays, & Thursdays will be energy system training.

As you know by now those days are not exclusive to those items, that will just be the focus.  The program is designed for you to be able to come every day and not burn out or over train.

The primary movements we will focus on for each day for October & November break down like this:

Mondays: Front Squat & Bar/Ring Pulling Progressions
Tuesdays: Cleans
Wednesdays: Back Squat & Bar/Ring Dips
Thursdays: Energy System Training
Fridays: We’ll be bringing back some fun Partner WODs, as well as tackling core control & abdominal work, along with variations on object carrys.

Our cyclical/mono-structural movement focus this cycle will be rowing (last cycle was running).

Let’s not forget our MONTHLY CHALLENGE.  This changes every month, you can post your progress on the side whiteboard, and it will always coincide with our bi-monthly event.

You guys have been doing GREAT with your double-unders this month and I’ve seen so much progress, but there is only one week left!  October will have an all new challenge, so be on the lookout next week.

I’m really looking forward to this cycle.  See you all at CFHV!

Don’t forget that you can log into your account on the website or via the mobile app to view the WODs at 7pm each night.

All you have to do is login to the member portal and then click Workouts. If you don’t know your password, then click the forgot password when trying to login.


Get the mobile app and login with those same credentials!