Rehab and Pre-hab

Rehab and Pre-hab

Rehab and Pre-hab

What a great party we had on Saturday night!  You guys all came out in force, I saw a LOT of new faces (which makes me REALLY happy), and judging from the fact that the gym looked as though it had endured a hurricane the next morning…you all had an awesome time!

Many thanks again to all who helped with set-up, clean-up, our dj, coaches, staff, and every single member of this amazing community.  What an phenomenal year we’ve had, and what a great way to celebrate all of your accomplishments together.

We LOVE all of the pictures, videos, & words you’ve been sharing.  Help us make an awesome video slide show by tagging CrossFit High Voltage’s Facebook page, and using #cfhvxmas2017 on Instagram!

Congratulations also to our award winners.  In case you missed it, here’s the recap!

  • Most Improved Male: Randy Del Rosario
  • Most Improved Female: Christina Ronstadt
  • Biggest Comeback: Ray Johnston
  • Fittest Couple: Dionisio & Dorys Vega
  • Jeff Hopkins Community Leader Award: Debbie Serpas
  • Fittest Male: Frank Balbuena
  • Fittest Female: Brittany Berryman
  • Coach of the Year: Bryan Felix
  • CrossFitter of the Year: Jeannette Valenzuela

We continue into week 5 of our cycle this week, including our functional body building work on Mondays.

Sometimes the best way to train a particular movement, and specifically one as complex and demanding as the ohs or snatch is to work supplementary exercises and complimentary movements.

Although you aren’t literally doing an ohs for instance, by doing “pre-hab” you’re keeping those muscles & joints that support those lifts strong & healthy.

We’ve been implementing things like scapular stability, back, core & lat strength, midline & torso fortifying work.  You’ll also be doing movements that will improve hip development, particularly as is pertains to squatting below parallel while maintaining an upright torso…just like an ohs!

Many of these exercises are directly from work that physical therapists would prescribe to help a patient recover from an injury. By using them before we’re injured, it’s setting us all up for great success & lots of PRs on these challenging and demanding lifts.

It’s going to be a GREAT week!