My Favorite WOD of the Year!

My Favorite WOD of the Year!

My Favorite WOD of the Year!

It’s time to talk about my FAVORITE WOD of the Year!

Grab some hot cocoa and snuggle up by the fire, let me tell ya a story…

Since opening in 2009 CFHV was traditionally always closed on Christmas Eve.  That all changed in 2013 though.

I wasn’t the owner at the time, just a member and one of the coaches.  As a coach I had keys to the gym and decided a few days before Christmas Eve that I would write a special WOD to do on that day before diving into all of the delicious food that was bound to come my way.

I wrote my own “12 Days of Christmas” WOD, where the reps work just like the song.  Being the guy I am, I wrote a really difficult monstrosity of a WOD.  I love chippers with heavy weight and complex movements, so that was the idea.

I don’t remember exactly when, either the day before or the morning of Christmas Eve, I posted on Facebook that I would be opening the gym at noon that day to do my WOD.  Anybody who wanted to join was welcome.

I expected a few people to show up, maybe 4 or 5…it’s always more fun to work out with friends.

What I didn’t expect was 38 people to show up!

Needless to say, it warmed my heart and was an amazing day where everybody had a ton of fun, got a great workout, and created some awesome memories…

…and a NEW tradition was born!

This year on Sunday, Christmas Eve @ 10am, that tradition will continue and I hope you all will join me!

The WOD has evolved as we head into it’s fifth year.  It can be done with a partner or solo, and as always there are plenty of scaling options to make it as easy or as difficult as you care to work.

What’s important is that it is all inclusive and open to our entire community!

Schedule this Weekend:

  • Saturday @ 9 am: Shred Sesh
  • Saturday @ 10am: Partner WOD
  • Sunday @ 10am: “12 Days of Christmas” WOD @ 10am
  • Monday, Christmas Day: CLOSED. Merry Christmas!