Don’t be left out!

Don’t be left out!

Don’t be left out!

CrossFit Games Open Registration:

Why haven’t you registered yet!?! We expect 70 or more members each year, and so far we’re only at 12.

Make sure you go to and register to represent your gym NOW!  Choose “CrossFit High Voltage” as your affiliate.

…not familiar with what the Open is? Read on…

Every Thursday for 5 weeks, CF HQ releases a WOD that hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters all over the world participate in and log their scores. As of 2014 HQ has included a scaled division, so literally everybody can now participate.

It’s a great opportunity to add a little more intensity to your daily workout and enjoy a spirited competitive environment, but still within the safety of a supportive and welcoming community.

Our first “Friday Night Lights” will be Friday, February 23. Expect weekly victories that will improve your fitness, elevate your attitude, & bond you with your entire community!

CFHV 2018 Open Shirts:

You’re going to need the right swag to rep our box for the 2018 season, and we’ve got you covered.

It’s our most popular shirt of the year, and the pre-sale only has 1 week left! You need to claim yours to make sure you’re not left out. Sign up on the whiteboard in the lobby, or at

CFHV Nutrition Coaching:

There’s already been a great response to the announcement of our new in house Nutrition Program led by Coach Arielle Zieja. In less than a a week a number of you have already reached out looking to level up your food game.

The MOST important aspect of any fitness lifestyle is what you fuel it with, but there is a lot of confusing information out there.  That’s why having the right nutrition coach is vital to your success.

Want more info? Check out the blog here:

How to get started? Come by the office and pick up one of our FREE Nutrition Guides today!

Schedule this Weekend:

Saturday @ 8am: Firebreather’s Class (advanced & requires test-in)
Saturday@ 9am: CrossFit Kids
Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
Saturday @ 10am: Olympic Drills for Skills
Saturday @ 11:30am: Open Gym
Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD