Videos Galore!

Videos Galore!

Videos Galore!

I’m sure by now most of you have seen all the videos popping up all over Facebook & Instagram about why people are joining the Open.

I put the call out on Friday, and YOU all answered. I’ve really loved to see all of your personal messages, and the stream of videos that keep coming about why you’re #intheopen.

There’s a good reason why…it starts THIS week! Our first Friday Night Lights will tentatively kick off @5pm, with the first heat going around 5:30pm.

Remember that there are NO classes on Friday nights for these special events over the next 5 weeks, but we expect ALL of you to come.

Whether you’re there to participate, friends or family, if you already did the WOD that morning, or even if you just want to be a spectator. ALL are welcome & encouraged to come out.

Our theme for 18.1 this week is the CFHV 2018 Open shirts, which will be in early this week. We’ll have DJ Ben there live to spin the tunes, plus some super sweet prizes, sponsors, & give-aways!

In OTHER news, Coach Derrick is already training another round of warriors for our CFHV Spartan Team. After their successful run in December, they’re headed back this April to the Rose Bowl for another round.

Have a look at these cool videos he sent me of them training at Burroughs High School on Sunday:

Look like fun to you! Coach Derrick is always looking to recruit more people. Everybody is welcome to join. Just like the Open, it’s a totally inclusive and fun Community building event.

Here comes the most exciting week of the most exciting time of the year guys!