Great Moments

Great Moments

Great Moments

We’re officially over the hump, with three weeks down and two to go! As predicted, 18.3 was epic yet again.

There were many more awesome moments, PR’s, and break-throughs at FNL. I personally got to witness John Rigelhof who thought he wouldn’t finish the first round of double-unders not only finish them, but also his overhead squat and get back to dubs.

I saw the entire Montante family fill up an entire side of our gym and do their WOD in lanes right next to each other as the crowd cheered them on. I saw Sarah Utso fly solo in her heat as the final heat warmed up with a whole gym supporting her.

I saw Juli Desmeules overhead squat 80#, when her previous 1 rep max was 65#. Right after that I saw her buddy Lucy finish all 100 of her double-unders of her first round! I watched Christina Ronstadt never give up on her ohs as she struggled to reach depth. She smiled, tried again, and did her very best with a great attitude.

And to cap the night off, I had the great pride in seeing Jen Matichuk get her muscle-ups back after being missing for such a long time…and then get 8 more! I know it meant so much to her, and it was electric to see.

I could keep going, those are a few off the top of my head. For every moment of triumph I witness, I know there are so many more I am missing. What’s important is that I am SO proud of each and every member of this gym, every day- CF Open or not.

You guys fill my cup up in such a beautiful way, and it’s such a privilege to have the honor to lead this community. Your tenacity, spirit, grit, and loyalty to CFHV and each other is such a special thing.

So now we look to the final 2 weeks.  What can we expect? Well, we haven’t seen handstand push-ups, wall balls, deadlift, box jumps, thrusters, or c2b pull-ups. Those are all pretty common in the Open.

We also usually see at least one repeat WOD. My prediction? We’ll see a repeat for 18.4 of 14.3, which was an 8 min amrap of box jumps with an ascending ladder of deadlifts in both weight & reps.

For 18.5 we know we’ll see thrusters, and with the love that HQ is giving to the DB, my prediction is a “Fran” variation involving C2B and DB Thursters.

…but who knows? CFHQ has been very inventive this year and kept us on our toes. In any case, I’m excited to finish strong and I know you all are too!

Don’t worry, we’ve programmed out the next 2 weeks to specifically focus on the very movements that I just mentioned above, so you will be ready as always!

Let’s have a great week of training!

As always, don’t forget you MUST enter your scores by 5pm on Monday or it doesn’t count! HQ makes no exceptions, so make sure to go to scroll down, and click the “submit scores” button.  Enter your score, your affiliate, your judge, and the final split time.  Trust me, you don’t want to forget!