Rolling right into Week 4, we have the first appearance of a Benchmark WOD in “Diane”, followed by handstand walks also for the first time. Check it out!



  • Deadlift (225/155#)

  • Handstand Push-Up


  • Deadlift (315/205#)

  • 50′ Handstand Walk

Scaled: (135/95#) (185/135#), hand release push-ups, bear crawl

We all had an opportunity just this week to work our deadlifts and hspu, plus we’ve been hitting hspu progressions every Wednesday for a few weeks now.

This WOD is very accessible for all of us, and if you’re an athlete that is shorter in stature you will really benefit on this one! The name of the game is protecting your back and moving with intention.

You’ll really want to make sure you’re using your legs on those deadlifts, and not just hinging at the hip and pulling with your back. Keep your core & lats tight, don’t forget to breathe, and just move consistently with great form.

Technique first! Don’t waste any reps and also stay safe with this kind of volume. Choose manageable sets of reps, and have a plan you’ll stick to with your rest.

One of my favorite ways to approach a WOD like this is doing 6-5-5-5 reps, then 5-5-5, then 5-4. You could also do 11-10, 10-5, 9. It doesn’t really matter as long as your stick to your plan.

Try to pick a time domain too, like every :30 for your rep sets. Or commit to a set rest, like :15 between each set of reps. Break it up any way that is manageable for you!

Whether you’re doing hspu or hand release push-ups, the same will be true as is for the deadlift. Chances are your reps & rest will be a little different though, which makes sense. We’re all going to have one or the other movement we’re better at.

If and when you make it to that second set of weights, really make sure you’re ready for that first lift- it’s a big jump! Get into a good power triangle, set your lats & hamstrings, make sure your heel & mid-foot are where the weight is, and then press that ground away!

A good first deadlift will set you up for success physically & mentally.

I think this workout is a great test of will, and I know all of you have so much grit & mental strength. Now go get em!

Saturday Specialty Class:

Oly cycle has ended, so for the rest of the Open cycle over the next 4 weeks we’ll have Partner WODS hosted by a different coach each week! Coach Derrick is on deck this week, Coach Bryan next week, and then Coach Robin on the 31st!

When our new post-Open training cycle begins the first week of April, you’ll see an old favorite class return for a cycle to our Specialty Saturday slot.

Schedule This Weekend:

Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
Saturday @ 9am: CrossFit Kids
Saturday @ 10am: Partner WOD
Saturday @ 10am: CrossFit Sparx
Saturday @ 11:30am: Open Gym
Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD
Sunday @ 11am: Second Chance Sundays*

*did you miss FNL? Couldn’t make it to class or Open Gym? Want to try the 18.1 for a second time? Every Sunday during the 5 weeks of the Open we have Second Chance Sundays after Long WOD for your chance!