Playing Fair

Playing Fair

Playing Fair

Here we go into the final week of the Open, but before we wrap things up let’s take a look back at 18.4.

No doubt this one might have been a little frustrating for most of us. CFHQ, in a surprise move, changed up the way we measure for handstand push-ups this year.

There has been a lot of hub-bub and controversy on CF Affiliate message boards, with some people citing that the new standard may not be fair for all, and that it is even nearly impossible for some body types.

With some further investigation, it seems to appear that the new system of measurement does indeed favor certain body types over others, thus allowing for the possibility of an advantage to some athletes.

…but you know what?

So do lots of other things we train every day. Rowing or wall ball might give an advantage to taller people. Deadlifts or push-ups favor shorter people.

…you know what else?

Tall people are probably better at basketball. Really big guys are going to have an advantage at football, and tiny women will be better ballerinas or gymnasts.

Does this mean we shouldn’t pay those sports if we enjoy them? Does it mean we shouldn’t bother competing in our chosen sport to see if we are doing our personal absolute best?

No way. We do the Open to test ourselves, to support our community, and to have FUN!

When we write a PR on the board, that means it’s a personal record. Personal to us. Not influenced by anyone else or the score they got. It’s the best version of ourselves we’ve ever been to that point in time.

So, what I’m saying is…be the best version of yourself that you’ve ever been to that point in time each day. And be proud of it!

I’m proud. I’m proud of every one of you for going outside your comfort zone. I’m proud of every one of you for doing your very best at everything you do. I’m proud of the way you all support one another in triumph, or defeat.

We can’t control all the variables and circumstances that life will throw at us, only how we choose to react to them. How we face those challenges will make us resilient in our lives.

This week, be proud of yourself. Do your very best, and let’s have a great end to the 2018 Open Season!

As always, don’t forget you MUST enter your scores by 5pm on Monday or it doesn’t count! HQ makes no exceptions, so make sure to go to scroll down, and click the “submit scores” button.  Enter your score, your affiliate, your judge, and the final split time.  Trust me, you don’t want to forget!