Fun Week!

Fun Week!

Fun Week!

The CF Games Open Season is officially over, and it’s a mixed bag of emotions for sure.

So many awesome moments that come to mind, and our Final Friday Night Lights was incredibly memorable as always. Sincere gratitude to everybody that came out. Whether you were there to do 18.5, judge for someone, cheer them on, or just to hang out- it’s much appreciated!

It takes every one of you to make these events special, and it was really great to see such a diverse mix of class times coming together for the big grand finale. There was SO much great food & drink, so I also want to give a shout out to all of you for bringing all the delicious things.

It doesn’t matter if it was off the shelf, or you made it with your own two hands from a top secret recipe- I’m so grateful for it all and that you took the time to share something with the rest of the Community.

Don’t forget that Melissa Arredondo was taking photos at FNL 18.5 (over 700 of them!) so be on the lookout for that album on our Facebook page this week. Your new social media glamour shout may just be waiting for you in all of it’s glory.

Our final leaderboard for the 2018 season I’ll have up around 6pm after score entry closes. Speaking of which, don’t forget to go to and enter your score for 18.5 by 5pm!

We’ll also have a BIG prize (and I do mean really BIG) for our top male & female athletes in both RX & scaled divisions to go out by mid-week.

Finally- what’s up for this week? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Some “meat & potatoes” or “peanut butter & jelly” CrossFit this week. I’m using the last week of March as a de-load week and transition before we start our next official cycle next Monday with the beginning of April.

We’ll do a little bit of everything this week: some back squats, front squats, cleans, core work, functional body building work, and you’ll even get a shot at benchmark “Cindy” if you’re still looking for one last hurrah.

Saturday will be our final Partner WOD during Specialty Class, and with the beginning of our new cycle we’ll have a the return of a Community favorite Specialty class just in time for the Spring. All the details about that and the NEW cycle in next Monday’s blog.

…for now…

One final and very sincere personal thank you from me to every one of you for making it another great Open Season. This one just might have been my favorite yet, and it was because of the joy I got from watching all of you. So THANK YOU!

See ya in the gym this week!