Member Spotlight: Hugo De La Torre

Member Spotlight: Hugo De La Torre

Member Spotlight: Hugo De La Torre

I really can’t help but love today’s member spotlight. He’s a quiet guy, but his actions come on like a roar! If you’ve ever seen him throw down in class, you know that he comes to perform.

I’ve seen so much growth since he first started with us, and what’s even more special is that he’s made fitness a family affair. It’s a great example to his kids, and you can often see his daughter imitating his workouts.

He nailed those tricky muscle-ups in the Open this year, he consistently puts up the big numbers on his lifts, and have you seen him bench press? Impressive!

2018 is bound to continue being a phenomenal year for:

What’s your name?

Hugo De La Torre

Describe your first work out here at Crossfit High Voltage:

I was nervous since I was new to Crossfit, I had started at a much smaller box only a month prior to moving to CFHV and wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t remember much but I do recall we were working on split jerks.

Before joining High Voltage, when did you know something had to change?

I was working out at home but felt like I wasn’t getting any results. My wife had been going to Crossfit for 3 months and kept asking me to join her. I noticed it was working for her and decided that maybe it was something I should try.

Describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience so far.

Definitely Rumble in the Box. I had a great time competing and having my wife who was 7 months pregnant at the time competing with me felt pretty cool.

Outside of High Voltage, what kind of work do you do? Give yourself a plug!

I’m a freight driver for FedEx.

How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

My work can be physically demanding and getting in shape has helped me get my job done faster and has even made it feel easier.

Tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join High Voltage

My health. I can honestly say I never cared or really thought about what I ate or getting in shape. Joining HV and improving my fitness has led me to watch the way I eat and just be healthier in general. I’m getting older and want to be around for my kids.

When have you used CrossFit outside of the box?

Every single day! I push, pull, lift heavy (really heavy) freight every day.

Who is your most idolized fellow community member?

Every person there motivates me to do better, but especially my wife. She pushes me to show up and work hard even when I don’t feel like it.

What is your one year or next CrossFit goal?

To beat the old guys next Open! I’m coming for you Frank and Chico! 🤣 (j/k). Just to get better and pass the trial by fire.

What is your favorite & least favorite movement or WOD?

Favorite: The clean and the handstand walk. Least favorite: The snatch.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Not really a meal but I can’t say no to donuts and beer.

If you had to describe CFHV in one sentence:

The place I look forward to showing up to every day.