Member Spotlight: Matt Bridgewater

Member Spotlight: Matt Bridgewater

Member Spotlight: Matt Bridgewater

I gotta say that I really love this guy. I remember his very first class, and now I get to train with him regularly almost every day.

He has a great attitude, is always looking to improve, works hard, and listens carefully to get every piece of info out of the intention of the programming.

He took on his first Open this year, barely having even been training with us for that long. That takes courage! Even in the face of a minor setback due to injury, he’s now back and better than ever. My pleasure to introduce:

What’s your name?

Matt Bridgewater

Describe your first work out here at Crossfit High Voltage:

It was a cardio fusion workout. Even though I was in okay shape, it got me winded and sore the next day. I remember feeling I couldn’t wait for the next class.

Before joining High Voltage, when did you know something had to change?

I’ve been working out consistently for the past 10 years, but my regular routine started to stall. It was getting a bit tougher to stay motivated. My workouts were repetitive. I knew I needed a variety of workouts, needed to learn some new things, and workout in a supportive social setting.

Describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience so far.

I did the first 2 Open rounds and that was great. I hadn’t competed in an athletic event in a long time so this was new and a lot of fun.

Outside of High Voltage, what kind of work do you do? Give yourself a plug!

I am a professor at Woodbury University!

How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

I once told my students that if they did well on their papers I’d do a handstand. They did good enough to see me do a handstand. Now I have a reputation!

Tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join High Voltage.

I’ve noticed it’s helped me sleep better. Burning all those calories means you gotta get a lot of rest.

When have you used CrossFit outside of the box?

When I’ve gone hiking. I am able to have greater endurance and balance.

Who is your most idolized fellow community member?

I don’t have a specific member I idolize. But I enjoy learning about everyone’s story and personal goals. Everyone at this gym is great to talk to and a lot of fun to work out with.

What is your one year or next CrossFit goal?

This past year it was pretty simple. Do a handstand. I’d like to continue doing inversion moves and get better at them.

What is your favorite & least favorite movement or WOD?

Favorite: Let’s just say my address is in Assault Bike City at GHD Machine Dr. and Push Press Avenue. Least favorite: I like them all, but I am still learning HSPUs and muscle ups.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Beer. And it’s sometimes why I miss a Saturday morning workout.

If you had to describe CFHV in one sentence:

CFHV is a great place to learn, grow and to refocus your lifestyle to improve overall fitness and well being!