Let’s Support Coach Robin!

Let’s Support Coach Robin!

Let’s Support Coach Robin!

Hi guys. So I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while but was waiting for the OK for the appropriate time to share with our community. With Robin’s blessing, I am now pleased to be able to put the support of the full CFHV community behind her.

You may have noticed about a month ago that Coach Robin went missing from her regular coaching hours. At one of her regular pregnancy check-ups, she and her doctor discovered some health considerations that needed further investigation.

Long story short, those were a whirlwind few days…and honestly, I didn’t have a lot of info to share at that time. We just knew Robin needed to step away from coaching to focus on being healthy.

The heart-breaking news then came that she had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma at 26 weeks pregnant.

Out of respect we kept the matter private until such a time that there was more information available, and Robin’s family was ready to receive our support.

We now can share that Robin will be starting an aggressive chemotherapy treatment right after her baby is born that will take 30 weeks, 25 days of which she’ll be hospitalized.

Honestly, my heart has been broken since hearing the news, and I haven’t been able to let my mind stop thinking about all of the implications. One thing was very clear to myself and the entire staff of CFHV though- we want to do everything in our power to support and love Robin & her family.

We have the best community at CFHV on the planet. YOU guys are the reason why, and we always take care of our own! There are lots of ways to help, including well wishes, positive thoughts, and educating yourself on Ewings Sarcoma.

We can do so much more though! In lieu of a formal fundraiser, I’d like to direct you to a special page that has been set up to help support Robin.


This fund is to help with the costs of child care since Robin will not be able to be home with her baby and husband Kiel will want to be by her side at the hospital as much as possible.

PLEASE join myself, the entire CFHV staff, & the rest of your community in supporting Robin. Even if you can’t donate, leave her a kind message in the comments, or drop off cards & gifts to our office and we’ll make sure to get it to her.

Thanks everybody!