NEXT Programming Cycle starts TODAY!

NEXT Programming Cycle starts TODAY!

NEXT Programming Cycle starts TODAY!

If you haven’t seen me in person lately then you may not know that I’m super pumped for our next 8 week block program design.

We wrapped up our last 8 week cycle a couple weeks ago with a number of tests to see how we had progressed. I’m proud to say that I saw massive improvements across the board for our whole gym. I’m really proud of everybody’s hard work and trust in the process.

Then we hit Murph. That was hard! We’ve had this past week to recover, de-load, and just generally remember what it’s like to have some fun and just enjoy the gift of movement.

Our April/May cycle focused on uni-lateral movements & balance. Hopefully you learned a lot about your own body and that symmetry in your motion is not only important for being able to move the most weight, but even more importantly to do it safely.

Now that you’ve done the work, built the foundation, and found balance, you’re ready to apply it to the more fun & challenging parts of training.

We’ll continue the format of Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays being geared toward progressive strength cycles, while our Oly day will be Tuesdays, & Thursdays will remain energy system training.

That isn’t to say that those days are exclusive to those items, that will just be the focus.  The program is designed for you to be able to come every day and not burn out or over train.

The primary movements we will focus on for each day in June & July break down like this:

  • Mondays: back squat (posterior strength) & chin-up (upper body vertical pulling)
  • Tuesdays: the snatch
  • Wednesdays: front squat (anterior strength, midline stabilization) & strict/push press (upper body vertical pressing)
  • Thursdays: energy system training

Fridays we’ll be working our trunk & core with the idea of focusing on unorthodox movements we don’t get to do as often in regular weekday training.

Our strength and barbell work on Fridays will be lifts to support the snatch work on Tuesdays. With such an intricate and complicated lift that demands a lot of mobility, I want to set you up for the most success possible. Expect to see things like: overhead squats, snatch grip deadlifts,  and snatch extensions.

Tire flips & farmer’s or sandbag carry are great opportunities to continue training outside. The WOD on Fridays will typically just be a quick 3-5 minute anaerobic piece at the end.

So that’s the scoop! This is the proper strength cycle we’ve all been waiting for, and I can’t wait to see how great you’re all going to do. Let’s enjoy the Summer, because it starts now!