Added Class Times Begin!

Added Class Times Begin!

Added Class Times Begin!

Starting with this week on Monday, June 18, we’ve added some all NEW class times for you to get even more fit than ever before.

Summer is coming, CFHV is growing as we add our MVA friends to the CFHV Community, and we wanted to give even more options and flexibility for your workout schedule.

Here’s all of the additional times for you to get fit:

  • Monday through Friday @10:30am- CrossFit: Our momWOD is by far the most popular class time, with an amazing & dedicated group. Many of them are ready to continue their fitness journey into regular CrossFit class, but still with the advantage of the mid-morning hours, and support of the group they’ve come to train with. This class time will fulfill those needs, and most importantly, YES there will be daycare during this class time!
  • Monday through Thursday @8:30pm- CrossFit: For the night owl, the person that gets out of work just a little too late to make that 7:30pm class, or maybe just the folks who like to train later in the day.
  • Wednesdays @7:30pm- Yoga: You all have been asking for a yoga class at CFHV for a long time now- and we listened! Set right in the middle of the week, it’s the perfect recovery from the heavy lifting and training of the front half of the week. You’ll be set up for success to come train the rest of week, unwind, or take advantage of a rest day. A mobile & balanced body is a healthy body. This will be in place of our existing CrossFit class at that time, but not to worry, because there is still 8:30pm CrossFit class immediately after.
  • Sundays @11:00am- Partner WOD: This class will be every other Sunday after the Energizer Long WOD, alternating weeks with Vixen’s Class. A great way to team up with an old friend, make a new friend, and share in the fun to kick-start your day, and cap your weekend.

So there you have it! As always, the success of these classes will be determined by your interest & attendance. If you want them to stay for good, all you gotta do is show up!

I also wanted to mention today a really important milestone and send a heartfelt congratulations to three of our members. Andrew Worsham, Antonio Pontarelli, & Ben Dukes all attended their CrossFit Level 1 Certification this past weekend in Monrovia.

They’re been a part of our ITP (Instructor Training Program) since last October, and have been diligently working and inching ever closer to becoming CrossFit Coaches. Over the 8+ months they spent training weekly with me in both lecture & practical application, they’ve shown that they’re committed to the responsibilities necessary to be a great coach.

This isn’t the end of their educational odyssey, but it’s a huge leap and a major achievement in getting to the finish line. You’ve already seen them shadowing in classes since February, and now they’ll have a whole slew of new knowledge to apply.

Make sure to congratulate them when you see them in class this week!