Test Week Recap, and the NEW Cycle Details!

Test Week Recap, and the NEW Cycle Details!

Test Week Recap, and the NEW Cycle Details!

Test Week Recap:

First things first, and that is WOW! I want to say how unbelievably proud I am of everybody this past week. There were so many PRs it’s crazy!

I only got snaps of the whiteboard on Monday & Tuesday here, but you can definitely see the trend happening there. From AM Mayhem, to our momWOD, the Lunchbox crew, Open Gym, and our evening classes- the message was clear: you all put in the effort and it showed.

Sometimes it’s hard during an eight week cycle to stay focused or understand why it is that we’re doing what we’re doing. Those can be the times we’re just focusing on the leaves and not noticing the forest that surrounds us.

There is a plan and a clear path. The programming is written with diligence & intention, but maybe it isn’t always apparent- It takes commitment, patience, and most importantly, trust.

I don’t take for granted that each of you choose to trust CFHV with your fitness & well being each day that you come in to sweat with us. That’s why we work so hard to bring you the most effective & innovative programming you’ll find in any gym. Your time is valuable, and so is every ounce of your effort.

Testing week was TOUGH! Enjoy your triumphs, and be sure to also learn from your failures. As long as each experience is a learning one, then it can be counted as a success- PR or not. What a great cycle this has been!

NEW cycle starts today:

The time has come to de-load the heavy weights, decrease the intensity, and go back to basics as we begin our next eight week programming cycle. As with every cycle, I like to give you all the lay of the land and show you what to expect. This will hopefully help you plan your weeks, set goals, and provide the security & trust that comes with knowledge.

This cycle builds on our proper strength cycle that just ended, now switching to horizontal from vertical upper body work on Mondays & Wednesdays.

We continue lower body posterior chain work on Mondays, using the strength we’ve built but adding a hinge with the deadlift. Super set with this is core development work including the entire abdominal chain, obliques & spinal erectors.

Tuesday’s Oly lift is the push/power jerk, moving onto the split jerk in the second half. In the previous cycle we did strict & push press on Wednesdays to build the pre-requisite isolated shoulder strength and core positioning to now be able to add the dynamic element.

Our Wednesday strength work moves to a horizontal press with proper barbell bench press, superset with horizontal pulling using the pendlay row to support healthy scapular development and to protect the back.

Thursdays remain energy system training days, with aerobic & anaerobic days alternating weeks, and also days within each week. We are focusing on running this cycle, so lots of outdoor work & sprints!

Fridays will alternate weeks for our strength work. In the interest of sustaining the back squat work we’ve just completed, but being able to add to it, we will have a 20 rep back squat cycle on alternating Fridays. The other Fridays will have touches on 1 rep max work for Oly lifts, combining some (clean & jerk) to bridge what we’ve done the last 8-16 weeks.

We’ll also use the squatting & overhead work to build a heavy thruster to go into the next cycle. This is in addition to alternating week handstand and inversion work to supplement the thrusters & prep for “Diane” mid-cycle. We’ll still see supplemental, odd, or strongman type movements on Fridays- including core development, aerobic work, and power output sprints.

So that’s the scoop! After seeing how well everyone did on the last cycle, I can’t wait to see how great you’re all going to do with this one. Let’s enjoy the back half of Summer, and get excited for Fall!

10:30am Class Reminder:

Friendly reminder that this is the FINAL week for our 10:30am class time. The last class will be held this Friday, August 3!