strongWOD returns, TBF results, & Labor Day at CFHV!

strongWOD returns, TBF results, & Labor Day at CFHV!

strongWOD returns, TBF results, & Labor Day at CFHV!

“Trial by Fire” Round-Up:

Saturday was a pretty amazing and special day as we had 5 of our athletes take on the infamous TBF test for entry to the weekly Advanced Class. Hugo De La Torre, Shannon Hanak, Anthony Montante, Juan Mundo, & Logan Nash gave their full effort to this monster.

I was really touched by all of the support I saw for these athletes, and the energy in that room was pretty epic. As always, it came down to the wire and was a serious nail-biter there at the end!

…and the results? Please help me in congratulating our two newest Firebreathers: Juan Mundo & Logan Nash!

Make sure to congratulate & encourage Hugo, Shannon, & Anthony as well on their journey. Most of them were right on the cusp of passing, an undoubtedly with the support of our community and a little grit we’ll see them pass before the end of the Fall is out.

ALSO special shout-out to Coach Travis who took on TBF 2.0 (yes, there is an even harder test) and finally was able to check it off the list. I know it’s been a goal of his to pass since the test was introduced two years ago, so congratulations to him for staying the course and accomplishing that goal.

strongWOD Returns:

Coach Jose is bringing strongWOD back to CFHV…and it all starts THIS Saturday, September 1 @ 10:30am!

This class implements things that are more like what you’ll encounter in real life.  Lifting odd objects, midline stabilization (that’s abs!), asymmetric exercises (one side at a time), and myriad of other cool new ways to move.

Sandbags, yoke carries, farmer’s carry, sled pulls, prowler pushing, tire flips, Atlas stone, sledgehammer, the list goes on…and don’t forget you get to enjoy the awesome California outdoors more with this class!

Somebody asked me what muscles get worked the most during strongman type training…the answer may surprise you.

The muscles you will see the biggest change in…the place where you’ll start to notice new definition…the place you feel those gains?

Your abs!

That’s right! strongWOD exercises are all about that midline stabilization.  Every type of human movement should be core to extremity to deliver the most efficient power…and who doesn’t want those six-pack abs?

Labor Day Schedule:

NEXT Monday, September 3 is Labor Day and we will be OPEN for TWO CLASSES @ 9:30am or 11:00am!

All members are welcome no matter your membership level.  The 9:30am class will focus on those people who want to do the WOD scaled or in partners, and also those who need daycare. We will have daycare 9:30-10:30am ONLY.

11:00am class will focus on those who prefer to do the WOD RX and solo.

Anyone is welcome at either class, but if you prefer one option over the other, then you can attend the class that better suits your goals.

…and what is the WOD?


It’s a tradition at CFHV and many other CrossFit gyms all over the US every Labor Day in honor of the firefighters who bravely lost their lives to the wild fires in Arizona in 2013.  Please join me right here in the blog on Friday where I’ll share their story with you all.