Member Spotlight: Chirag Pagarani

Member Spotlight: Chirag Pagarani

What’s your name? 

Chirag Pagarani

Describe your first time trying CrossFit:

I did tire flips and goblet squats…it was awesome and thought if I wanted to be consistent in working out…Crossfit would be my best option!

Before starting CrossFit, when did you know something had to change?

I had gone for a physical and my doctor told me I was healthy but I needed to lose some weight…Coming from a family with a history of diabetes I knew losing weight could change my life!

Describe your most memorable CrossFit Experience so far.

Running 600m without walking!

Outside the box, what kind of work do you do? Give yourself a plug!

I’m an actor.

How has getting in shape changed your professional life?

I’ve lost 25 lbs and counting! It has helped me gain more confidence when I do a scene.

Tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join CrossFit:

I love sports and Crossfit is by far my favorite to do recreationally

When is a time you’ve been able to use CrossFit outside of the box?


What is your one year or next CrossFit goal?

Lose another 25 lbs

What is your favorite & least favorite movement or WOD?

Favorite movement: strict press Least favorite movement: bar facing burpees

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Bobs Big Boy’s Chicken Melt

If you had to describe CrossFit in one sentence:

Best decision I have ever made