Details of the NEW cycle- starts TODAY!

Details of the NEW cycle- starts TODAY!

Details of the NEW cycle- starts TODAY!

This has been a pretty awesome cycle we just finished. I got SO much great feedback about how much you all liked it.  Just when I think it can’t get any better, you guys always surprise me.  It fills my cup and makes me proud to see so many PRs on the board yet again!

So many first-timers doing things they never thought they could, old vets hitting fresh numbers for the first time in years, new lifters working their Oly technique, and even a couple benchmark records on the leaderboard- It’s really very special what we’ve got here.

It’s all due to your hard work, consistency, and continued loyalty and trust in our process and brand.  There isn’t a day I take it for granted, and I’ll continue to bring you the best in Burbank.

Today we start our NEXT eight week cycle…so what’s next?

Well, along with all of the great feedback I’ve received about the last cycle, I’ve also heard your voices about what you’d like to see approached a little differently this time. Extra variety, more challenges or opportunities to just “go for it” in a WOD, and more FUN!

I listened and incorporated all of these things, and that’s how we’ll all continue to get better. I think you’re all REALLY going to love this cycle.

…so what are the details!?!

We make a return in this cycle to regular squatting, this time focusing on the front squat and anterior muscle groups of the lower body. We also will be working on horizontal pulling & pressing, focusing on muscle-up progressions and dip strength.

We’ll work on balancing the posterior chain development of our previous cycle with quad dominant squatting on Mondays. Our Pendlay work should have helped build a good foundation for scapular stability for the front squat.

This will be super set with muscle-up and/or kipping pull-up drill work. I’ve very excited about this in particular, as it will give small drills and individual pieces over the course of the eight weeks without the stress of putting them all together.

For those that aren’t ready for muscle-ups, you will have a chance to develop the same techniques and apply them to kipping pull-ups. There is something for every progression level, as these drills are designed to be very accessible to unlocking core control & lat engagement.

For those who already have muscle-ups and/or can string them together, this time is a great opportunity for you to work on strict muscle-up work.

For Tuesday’s Oly lift I’m doing something completely new! We’ve never combined the clean & jerk as a specific focus, instead only focusing on each independent lift. Our cycle will still work on the varying positions of the clean, but we’ll add in a jerk to the end of each cycle.

Most of you are relatively familiar with the clean, and very familiar having just finished the jerk. We can now focus on complexes, barbell cycling, and transitions between the lifts. This should be a lot of fun and a great opportunity for time under tension and technique development.

Our Wednesday strength work moves to a vertical press with the dip. Often the missing component for muscle-ups, particularly for women, this will be an important opportunity to work on that specific strength, and proper technique.

We’ll super set this with the back squat, just to keep it in the mix and not give up the posterior strength we’ve built the previous two cycles. The squat is the single most important lift, so we want to always be keeping it in the mix.

Thursdays remain energy system training days, with aerobic & anaerobic days alternating weeks, and also days within each week. We are focusing on rowing this cycle, so please take the opportunity on those days to discuss with your coach good rowing technique, and stroke efficiency.

Fridays are all about fun! There is some accessory core work as always, but the WODs are good old fashioned, mixed modal, varied, CrossFit. There are some partner WODs, and plenty of variation in priority for time & work. These WODs should all be a blast!

To finish it all off there are four benchmarks peppered in this cycle: Hammer right off the bat, then “Grace” in October to celebrate “Barbells for Boobs” and raising awareness of breast cancer prevention and treatment. We have “Three Wise Men” to honor those who have served on Veteran’s Day, and we cap the cycle off with Elizabeth in November.

I’m excited, and I hope you are too!