Weekly Technique Videos!

Weekly Technique Videos!

Weekly Technique Videos!

It often seems that the holy grail for most CrossFitters is getting their first muscle-up or kipping pull-up. No doubt that these are amazing accomplishments should you choose them as your personal goal.

It takes a lot of practice & patience to truly master these movements, but I can assure you that everybody is capable of achieving these feats with the proper guidance, motivation, and persistence.

As you may know by now, it isn’t quite as simple as flopping around on a bar or rings, swinging your feet, or pulling really hard. Not only will those approaches often times frustrate you in your progress, they could also potentially result in injury.

Indeed the MOST important piece is proper mechanics first. Safe technique, followed by consistency with that technique, leads to ultimate mastery of that technique.

Keeping you safe is always the first priority for me as a coach and an owner, and my ultimate goal is to build you up with confidence in your abilities to ultimately keep you engaged and having fun in your fitness.

To that end, this cycle we have a lot of motor control work built in to refine and secure those techniques. Two of the major players are the ability to engage and maintain tension in the lats and core, and then leverage that tension to create movement of an external object, or your own body. On Monday’s as a supplement to our front squat, we will be working on some of those drills.

To help visualize these techniques and drills, I’ve been working on creating a series of movement videos to help demonstrate. I hope you will use these as a resource before class to familiarize yourself with what’s coming for that day. They will also hopefully serve as a review tool after class, to help reenforce what you’ve learned, or remind you in the future should you want to work on any of this.

Last week we focused on how to properly brace ourselves at the top of the rings for a static hold. If you missed that video, check it out here:

This week we will focus on a really important piece of any bar or ring movement. Whether you’re doing a ring or bar muscle-up, a pull-up, or ring row, this will help. Having trouble with your toes to bar or knee raises? This will help! Have a look at this week’s hollow body banded lat pull down:

If you have any questions, I love to hear from you! Grab me in person, or shoot me an email: dan@crossfithighvoltage.com