Two for One!

Two for One!

Two for One!

The last couple of weeks I’ve introduced some simple drills to help you each get that first muscle-up or kipping pull-up. It may not be everybody’s goal, and that’s OK!

If it is a goal for you, then these should help break it down into easy, bite-size steps. If it isn’t something that is a goal for you right now, then the core control and body awareness being built is still an essential tool for your belt.

The first skill that really needs mastery for any movement from a push-up to a snatch and beyond is patience. Match that up with great coaching, intelligent drills, and a little persistence and you’ve got a winning formula.

So this week I have TWO drills for you. One for Monday, and one for Wednesday.

For Monday we have parts 1 & 2 of my technique for ring kipping. Part 1 is the L-sit hang on the rings. Building on last week’s banded hollow lat pull-down, this will work to engage your core and lats to make sure they’re set with tension as you go into part 2.

Part 2 is the deepest arch-body that you can get into to take that tension and put it into action. When done properly, these two pieces will set you up for a ring muscle-up that involves little to no upper body pulling, and superior motor control, which means safety!

Let’s have a closer look:

We’ll continue to expand upon these each week, building one upon the foundation of the other.

For our Wednesday drill, we have the Ring Ball-Up, or Skin the Cat. I invite and encourage you to only take this drill as far as you feel comfortable with. Use the crash pad as needed, and don’t take any chances.

This will help your brain with spatial relations in the air, your equilibrium, and how about shoulder mobility? This will really give it a test. As with our other drills, this involves a challenge in motor control and maintaining tension, as well as engaging the proper muscle groups.

…plus, it’s a lot of fun! Let’s have a look:

As mentioned last week, I hope you will use these videos as a resource before class to familiarize yourself with what’s coming for the day, as well as a review tool after class to help reenforce what you’ve learned.