Competition Time at the Festivus Games!

Competition Time at the Festivus Games!

Competition Time at the Festivus Games!

Festivus Competition:

This weekend we have a number of athletes who will be representing our community at the Festivus Games Competition in the partner division. It all goes down at CrossFit Oxnard, 3000 Paseo Mercado, Oxnard.

Logan Nash & Jose Parilli, Coach Mitch & Coach DJ, Coach Christy & Arielle Levy, and Marlaina Bemis along with her partner from CF Crown City will all put themselves out there to test their training and have some fun.

From the Fetivus website, “Festivus Games was designed so it wouldn’t be necessary to scale the events. No athlete, whether six months in or brand new, will need to scale any of the events. The competition is about capacity more than a high degree of skill.”

The idea here is an accessible competition for everybody, not just firebreathers, or the best of the best- and that’s the point. 99% of us don’t have the time it takes to dedicate ourselves to being a full-time or professional athlete.

Competitions like Festivus offer an opportunity for these populations to have a forum to put their skills on display with others at the same ability level.

I invite you all to come out and support our athletes and show them just what the CFHV community is all about. I can tell you from personal experience that when you’re competing, there is no better feeling than looking out into the crowd and seeing your people there to support you!

Here are the WOD times for all of the events:

WOD #1, First Heat – 8:00am
WOD #2, First Heat – 9:15am
WOD #3, First Heat – 10:40pm
WOD #3 Complete – 12:35pm
Podium – 12:50pm

BodySpec Space is filling up:

That’s right! I know they were JUST here, but so many of you showed up on that day and weren’t able to get a slot, so I’m brining them back…so DON’T hesitate on it this time!

Every time I schedule one of these, it is SOLD OUT within only a few hours or days of posting the blog. That’s why this time the truck will be here ALL DAY, from 8:00am – 4:00pm.

The Body-Spec truck will be coming to CFHV on Saturday, November 17. This is the most advanced body scan available. I’ve had a number of these over the years, and now go quarterly- it is incredibly thorough in giving you important insights to your health.

BodySpec performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a DXA scanner. In a fully-clothed 10 minute scan, you’ll learn more about your body than you’ve ever known.

BodySpec brings medical-grade body composition technology used by professional athletes to all of us at an affordable price. Their scanners measure body fat, muscle and bone, not only on a whole body- but also a regional basis.

What to expect:

  • body fat percentage & weight
  • lean muscle percentage & weight
  • bone density
  • imbalances in fat/muscle
  • where on your body you hold your fat

Best of all, there’s no water or dunk tank. This is like an x-ray that scans you as you lay there fully clothed in about 6 minutes. Furthermore, as you continue to get scans over the months & years, all of your data is stored and builds easy to read graphs and charts to check your progress.

As I said, spots will fill up fast and this is open to the public, so make sure to book your slot now here:

Schedule This Weekend:

  • Saturday @ 8am: Firebreather’s (advanced & requires test in)
  • Saturday @ 9am: Shred Sesh
  • Saturday @ 9am: CrossFit Kids
  • Saturday @ 10am: CrossFit Sparx (week 5)
  • Saturday @ 10:30am: strongWOD (week 7)
  • Saturday @ 12pm: Open Gym
  • Sunday @ 10am: Energizer Long WOD
  • Sunday @ 11am: Partner WOD