Drills for Skills- Ready to fly!

Drills for Skills- Ready to fly!

Drills for Skills- Ready to fly!

You all have really been doing GREAT with these drills to help you get that first muscle-up or kipping pull-up!

I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from the coaches about how well these are helping to connect some of the dots with controlling these movements for many of you.

What’s even MORE exciting to hear is that a lot of you are just having FUN! Any time we can combine some of the more challenging skill work and actually make it fun, that’s a huge win.

I have THREE videos this week, all of them are under 1 minute!

They are all specific to our muscle-up drills for Monday, building upon previous weeks. Something important to mention here is that you may not be able to do all of these- and that’s OK!

For our skill work, just stick with the drills you can do. If the very first drill is still challenging, just keep it there and work the technique. Only move on as you are able to feel comfortable with each of them.

Our FIRST DRILL for today is to work on maintaining the lat and core tension we’ve been working so hard to build an awareness of the last few weeks. One of the hardest parts is not losing it as we come from the top of a pull-up or muscle-up. This drill will help you nail that down, and then be able to use that stored energy for successive reps:

Our SECOND DRILL is series to now put this into actual practice. The idea is to gradually increase the height you get as you are able to accumulate more power- but only if you maintain that tension:

Our FINAL DRILL is to now try and use the same technique on the rings. The trick here is that while the bar does not move, the rings do, so the challenge becomes double: maintaining your tension, while also keeping the rings in place. This builds on our “Ring Kipping Parts 1 & 2” video & drill from a few weeks back: