Another Piece to the Puzzle

Another Piece to the Puzzle

Another Piece to the Puzzle

We’re headed into the back half of this cycle now. As we look forward to week 5 of 8, it’s the point where things really start to come together.

All of the little pieces, unilateral work, drills, & technique refinement have hopefully started to conglomerate into something bigger and more global.

Now is where the real work begins. We’ve focused and practiced, been patient and consistent. Now is the time to take what we’ve learned and apply it toward reaching our full potential.

Sometimes that means going after the heavier weights, sometimes it means pushing ourself to sustain a faster pace in a WOD, and sometimes it means attempting a new skill for our bag of tools.

One skill that I’ve been breaking down into many small pieces in the past weeks has been the muscle-up and/or pull-up. For many of you it’s been the first time on the rings, while for others it’s been about unlocking the keys to efficient movement patterns.

Up to this point has mostly been about how to engage our lats and core, apply torque & maintain tension, and working from the bottom up to the rings or bar.

…so it makes sense that the next step is what to do when we get there?

This Monday we have two variations, but both are the same skill: how to navigate the transition from under the bar or rings, to being on top of the bar or rings.

We’re going to practice it this week without having any of the strength requirement. This way you can focus all of your energy just on the path of travel for all the parts of your body.

Then next week (spoiler alert!) we’ll see if we can work these same transitions with a little more effort from the drills of weeks 1-4.

…and the final two weeks? We put it all together, and I have no doubt I will see many of you get your first pull-up or muscle-up!

Let’s have a look at this week’s work with the box transition for the bar muscle-up:

…and the box transition for the ring muscle-up: