One Last Drill

One Last Drill

One Last Drill

So here we are with our final drill of a six week series for our muscle-ups and/or pull-ups. Many of the drills and skills we began with in this cycle were general tools that were applicable to many aspects of gymnastics movements.

As we’ve progressed, some of us have moved on to more specific movement patterns that apply to the transition of the muscle-up. Some of us have also continued to refine drills from previous weeks at whatever ability level we are currently at.

One thing that has been very exciting for myself and the other coaches though is the unanimous joy of watching so many of you try something completely new. It’s such a pleasure to see one of you overcome a fear, face a new challenge, or attempt a different skill.

Regardless of ability or progression, there is so much personal growth happening at CFHV right now, and it is such a proud & exciting time.

As I said in last week’s blog, this week we will take that box transition drill from last week, and try to apply it in a slightly more challenging forum.

While similar in the sense that we are still working the transition from under the rings to on top of them, this drill will allow us to use some of the previous skills of engaging the hips & glutes to create lift.

This drill will also allow us to work on our timing. You’ll be able to take advantage of that perfect weightless moment to shoot through the middle to get to the catch.

I have three variations of the same drill today, each one a little more difficult than the last. Give them a try and see which suits your ability best. Not quite ready for these yet? Continue to work last week’s drill that can be seen right here:

Now onto this week’s drill. the first one is the band assisted under the hips:

The next one is a little less assistance, with the band under the lats:

…and finally, no band assistance. Just the toes on the box for help!