Test Week, plus Winter Apparel!

Test Week, plus Winter Apparel!

Test Week, plus Winter Apparel!

Notice that chill in the air today? Read to the end, and we just may have a solution for that!

Ok, so It’s time for my bi-monthly test week pep talk! Exciting for some, anxious for others, but undoubtedly a week that that will have some defining moments, great memories, & opportunities to learn.

This week is obviously the culmination of an 8 week cycle, but as we’ve progressed through 2018 I’ve made sure to use each cycle to propel the next one. That way we keep the gains we’ve made, but get to put them to use to take it to another level.

It’s not just an opportunity to see how far you can come, but a great way to see what’s still to ahead.

Last week was an amazing week at the gym, with SO many of you hitting your old 1 rep front squat for 2. What about all of those first pull-ups, muscle-ups, and strict muscle-ups? Yeah…that happened, and it wasn’t even testing week yet! It’s a good sign. 

So this is it! An exciting week, the big event, seems like a pretty major deal, right?

Remember all of factors that go into making a lift or completing a WOD. Your consistency the past 8 weeks, diligence in improving your technique, pushing it where appropriate, and showing restraint when necessary.

Focusing on your own progress, fueling your body with appropriate foods, and getting plenty of sleep are all important factors too. Mobility before & after class, hydration, and avoiding sugar & alcohol all play an important part as well.

Testing isn’t just about one day. It’s about lots of days, consistently, where you’ve treated each one with the same approach & mindset.

So don’t get bogged down by the tests. Enjoy them! Your job is to do the best you can do for today, and celebrate what you’ve earned.

Due to popular demand, we are going to be offering CFHV hoodies & sweatpants! This only happens once a year, and it’s by pre-sale only. That means no extras will be ordered, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

These are the same high quality you’ve come to always expect. Next Level Apparel & Bella/Canvas offer soft, but sturdy gear that is durable enough for your WODs, but comfortable enough for your rest.

The pre-order will run today through Sunday, November 25 ONLY!

We have unisex zip-up hoodies in either Royal Blue or Charcoal Gray.

And this year even MORE options for sweatpants! We have unisex “jogger” style, unisex “scrunch” style, AND ultra popular “capri” style for the ladies in either Black or Charcoal Gray.


OR SIGN-UP ONLINE: bulk.crossfithighvoltage.com

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