New Cycle Details Inside!

New Cycle Details Inside!

New Cycle Details Inside!

The cycle we just wrapped was one of our best ever!  How good? Well, have a look at the blog from Friday if you missed it for the full wrap up:

The gist of it is this: you guys rocked it!  Check out all the PRs on that white board!  In every possible category across the board you all put in the hard work, stayed consistent, and showed all of the amazingness you’re capable of.

From AM Mayhem to momWOD, Lunchbox to Late Night, Open Gym, Fitness, & Fusion- there isn’t a time of day not represented up there. It unifies us all and shows that we’re all working toward the same goal: to be the most fit versions of ourselves, in a fun & supportive environment.

It’s all due to your hard work, consistency, and continued loyalty and trust in the CFHV process and brand.  There isn’t a day I take it for granted, and I’ll continue to bring you the best in Burbank.  So what’s next?

New Cycle Details:

I’m really excited about this cycle, and I’ve written something to keep you engaged through the holidays, while simultaneously beginning the early stages to prepare for the Open at the end of February.

Similar to how we’ve done all year, we’re working on a larger arc where each builds on the last one. Just as we built the strict press into the push press, then push/power jerk, & split jerk, we’re doing the same with our squats.

I’ve taken the strength we built in the last cycle of back squats, and moved that to the primary lift focus for Mondays. We’ll take two weeks to de-load and work uni-laterally, then pick it back up. This should segue nicely into a good strength base for the Open in the Spring before we go more metcon focused.

All of the overhead strength we’ve built has now prepared us to work on the overhead squat, which we will focus on for Wednesdays. With the core work of the previous two cycles in addition to the pieces peppered into this one, it will marry the upper & lower body strength base effectively to train the overhead squat safely.

This also segues nicely into our Olympic Weightlifting: For Tuesday’s we will work the snatch. Similar to as in the clean & jerk, we’ll focus more on barbell cycling. Navigating these complexes will be another nice way to prepare for the Open in the Spring. This will be a lot of fun and a great opportunity for time under tension and technique development.

We’re doing the snatch on Tuesday and the OHS on Wednesday because our central nervous system (CNS) can better handle things in that order. The anaerobic single efforts or short cycles of Oly won’t impact our ability to safely do the ohs strength work the following day., but if we were to tax our muscles with the strength work first, then our Oly wouldn’t be as effective the next day due to muscle fatigue & a taxed CNS.

Thursdays remain energy system training days, with aerobic & anaerobic days alternating weeks, and also days within each week. We are focusing on Assault Bike this cycle, with progressive anaerobic alactic efforts on even weeks of the cycle. The idea is to stretch our :10 effort out to 1 min slowly over the course of 8 weeks.

Fridays will be integrating functional body building (look up Marcus Filly). We’ll be working on building bullet-proof shoulders, arms, pecs, & back with movements similar to a Shred Sesh class. This cycle will focus on the horizontal upper body work since the previous one focused on vertical upper body work.

There is some accessory core work as always, but the WODs are good old fashioned, mixed modal, constantly varied, CrossFit. There are some partner WODs, and plenty of variation in priority for time & work. These WODs are going to be a lot of fun!

We have four benchmark opportunities in this cycle: Karen kicks things off to test volume with the strength applied from our last cycle. Randy will coincide with the power snatch position of our Oly work, Nancy will test ohs volume once we’ve had a chance to practice for a few weeks, and then we cap the cycle nicely off with Isabel as we test our ultimate snatch strength.

…but wait, even MORE fun! We have the Turkey WODdle on Thanksgiving, and CFHV favorite “Deck of Cards” on Black Friday. Also our 6th Annual “12 Days of Christmas” WOD on Christmas Eve, AND old CrossFit favorites “Nasty Girls” and “Grip and Rip”.

Yeah…it’s going to be awesome!