2019 Open Prep Cycle is HERE!

2019 Open Prep Cycle is HERE!

2019 Open Prep Cycle is HERE!

First off, I’m proud to reveal our official CFHV 2019 CrossFit Games Open Logo! As with every year, shirts/tanks/muscle tees to come NEXT week so we’ll have our jerseys in time for the kick-off for week one.

Believe it or not we are just under 6 weeks out from our first Friday Night Lights on February 22, so it’s time to shift our focus and prepare for what’s to come.

Last year I analyzed all of the previous seven years of Open WODs, and then programmed accordingly. Not just accounting for frequency of certain movements, but also recurrence of AMRAPS vs. “for time” WODs, as well as the actual time domains of the WODs regardless of the priority.

I’ve added in what was learned from last year’s format of the 2018 Open to craft this new cycle. The majority of absolute strength work will be absent in favor of metabolic conditioning and acquiring the ability to keep bodyweight gymnastics & different weight capacities aerobic.

Our previous two to three eight week cycles have hopefully built the high end strength and energy system work necessary to now train with the Open specifically in mind.

Mondays we’ll be working thrusters & pull-ups with a very unique progression that worked amazingly well last year. This will culminate in “Fran” on week 5, and after that we’ll just work toward a heavy thruster for the back half of the cycle in order to keep the load on our CNS light to finish out the Open.

Tuesday’s Olympic Weightlifting will alternate lifts each week as opposed to a focus on one in particular. This will allow all of us to keep each lift fresh depending on what shows up each week. It will be more about barbell cycling work and muscular endurance while under fatigue.

Wednesdays will build core and inversion work leading into a T2B & HSPU progression similar to the one we’ll see with Thrusters & Pull-Ups earlier in this cycle. The difference here is that it picks up half way through the cycle so that 1) we aren’t overtaxing those muscle groups, and 2) so that we don’t peak prematurely to when these movements will show in the Open (which is traditionally in the back half).

Thursdays are where we will finally see mixed modal energy system training as the norm. No more bike, run, or rowing exclusive mono-cyclical repeats. The Open is mixed modal (meaning multiple movements), so that’s how we’ll train. Plenty of variation and fun in these days now.

Fridays for the first five weeks I’ve programmed posterior chain (glutes & hamstrings) work where we’re dropping to volume (reps) in favor of heavy load (weight). We’ll start with uni-lateral development (one side at a time) as a last attempt at balancing our bodies out. For our upper body, there is horizontal pull & press work to balance all the vertical pull & press work from earlier in the week.

This should hopefully maintain the integrity of all the strength you’ve built the back half of 2018. So that’s it! I’m really excited about this one. This type of preparatory cycle worked wonders last year, and everybody performed very well and injury free throughout the Open.

MOST importantly, you’ll feel mentally prepared so it isn’t so scary, and instead exciting and fun!