Making A Plan For Your Goals with Coach Dizzle

Making A Plan For Your Goals with Coach Dizzle

Making A Plan For Your Goals with Coach Dizzle

After CrossFitting for many years, I realized that in order to achieve some goals I was going to have to set aside time to work on specific skills.
One of my main goals was getting a ring muscle-up.

Of course the foundation has to come first: strict pull-ups, chest to bar and ring dips. Then comes all the technique work. After months of putting this al together, I finally got my first ring muscle-up ( actually my first two)!! What happens next though?

Now I want to get my third one, my fourth one and so forth. I want to be able to do them in WODs. I want to string them together. I want to do them under fatigue. You get the picture! The goals just keep on coming. 

I bring this up because it translates to all movements- pull-ups, handstands, double-unders etc. I learned first that it takes time and patience, but most of all hard work. It takes doing the extra work off to the side. It may even take some individualized personal program design. For this specific skill, I needed the extra programming. Coach Dan writes accessory work for me so I can continue to refine this skill.

It may mean you come in last on a WOD if you want to try to go for those double-unders. It may mean you just count attempts. The point is to just keep working towards your goals. There will be many failed attempts but that just brings you closer.

Also don’t be afraid to try! When it was time to do Amanda, I never thought I would finish. Dan told me to just try. He said just do what you can and I actually was able to finish the WOD RX!

So as you look forward to the new year with new goals, just remember to put in the work and have a specific plan in place. It may take a while but eventually there will be a payoff. We have so many coaches here to help you so cheers to a new year and new resolutions!!!