CFHV 2019 Open Shirts are HERE!

CFHV 2019 Open Shirts are HERE!

CFHV 2019 Open Shirts are HERE!

Before moving onto the moment you’ve all been waiting for, I first want to give out a huge shout-out and BIG congratulations to CFHV’s “Squatastic Beasts” team for placing 4th at the Warrior Affiliate League “Fantastic 4” Competition this past weekend!

Marlaina, Logan, Steve, & Shannon gave it their all and proudly represented our community. Make sure to congratulated them when you see them in and around the gym this week!

Now onto our OTHER big announcement today!

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, you probably know that the CF Games Open Season is upon us.

How soon? It starts in just under 5 weeks! That means it’s time to get a move on our uniform for the season- our CFHV CF Games Open 2018 shirt.

This is by far our most popular shirt every year. I think it’s pretty rad, and I hope you do too!

Shirts come in Heather Black and are the Bella/Canvas shirts you all know & love. Extra soft and just the right cut. We’re offering:

  • Men’s T-Shirt
  • Women’s T-Shirt
  • Women’s Muscle Tee
  • Women’s Tank Racerback

You can sign up in seconds via our custom made CFHV website  =>

Or sign up for pre-order is in the lobby NOW and will ONLY run for the next 2 weeks until Sunday, February 3.  No extensions will be made so that we can guarantee that shirts arrive ON TIME for our first Friday Night Lights on February 23.

Claim yours now!

…speaking of the Open…

Have you registered yet?  Shout-outs to all of you early birds who have already signed up:

  • Madi Alfonso
  • Jeremy Geltzer
  • Mike Hazard
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Mitch Levy
  • Christy Manchester
  • Logan Nash
  • Mikaela Pazmino
  • Antonio Pontarelli
  • Sarah Rajoy
  • Chris Revell
  • Christina Ronstadt
  • Arielle Rosenstein
  • Kalinga Rout
  • Jeffrey Swartz
  • Todd Worden
  • Andrew Worsham
  • Jesse Wright

Won’t you join them?  Just go to and make sure to choose CrossFit High Voltage as your affiliate.