You Are Stronger Than You Think with Coach Andrew

You Are Stronger Than You Think with Coach Andrew

You Are Stronger Than You Think with Coach Andrew

How many times have we all looked at the WOD and thought it would be nearly impossible to get through? We may even want to just turn around and go home. I’m here to ask you, why not just go for it?

Before I started CrossFit I had been training for a marathon. When I moved to Burbank running had become harder to do, so I began looking for something in addition to running that I could do on the weekends.

I remember coming to High Voltage and doing my baseline WOD which ended with me throwing up afterward from overtaxing myself in a way I hadn’t felt before. I was instantly hooked and started training as hard as I could. I was always pushing myself because I wanted to be able to put the little RX next to my name on the whiteboard.

For any of you who come to Saturday’s Shred Sesh, you may have seen me and several others finishing up Firebreather’s class. This class is advanced and requires a physical test-in to participate. It can seem very intimidating if not impossible for many of us at first.

I remember standing on the outside looking in and planning a long-convoluted training schedule to try and pass the test and get into the class. One day another member noticed and asked why I was planning it the way I was. I explained that I wasn’t ready to take the test and wanted to train for it!

While my plan may have worked, he suggested I should just try the test just to see where I was at. I decided then, “Why not just go for it?”

I got another member to come in and count for me, set all the equipment up, had my plan of action, went for it… and promptly failed.

The biggest shock to me? I only missed it by 44 seconds! Although I thought I was months away from being able to even attempt it, I was so surprised when I came that close. It inspired me to push myself even more, and after another time or two (or 3) I passed it!

I was so excited to attend my first class, but afterward I felt I had made a huge mistake. Even after all my training it felt like I was still nowhere near the level of athlete I needed to be for that class. I had worked so hard to pass the test though, so I thought I should stick it out.

For the first few months I would be last one to finish (or close to it) in WODs, but with consistency I gradually started to get better. I may have felt like an ant looking at giants when I was on the outside, but the decision to take the “why not see where I am” approach paid off in a huge way.

We are all stronger than we think and better than we give ourselves credit for. There will always be a bigger fish, but we shouldn’t let that defeat us- It should inspire us.

It’s important to remember what your potential is, regardless of what you are currently capable of. Even if it’s just a small step at a time, if you push your limits you will find that you can often move past them.

So why not go for it?