How to Be Fearless

How to Be Fearless

How to Be Fearless

We’re creeping up on the Open, ever so closer each week. How close? Well, we’re just under three weeks out from our first FNL!

Before we get there though, we have a little something else headed our way only a week from today. When I say the name and you’ve done it before, no doubt you’ll probably have a physical reaction.

If you haven’t done it, you probably have heard about it’s reputation and listened to friends swap battle stories. It’s the “classic” CrossFit WOD, and a true test of everything we practice here on a daily basis.

…what am I talking about? Fran.

Sounds like the name of a kindly aunt or grandma from a bygone era. Can’t be too bad, right? Yet to a CrossFitter, this carries with it anxiety & excitement, and sometimes fear and apprehension.

…but why?

It’s a sprint! It involves the full body from head to toe. You go from your deepest squat, to your most extended press overhead…plus, pull-ups!

All of this while gasping for air and lactic acid building in the muscles, all so you can be laid out on the floor afterward and have that distinct “Fran cough” the rest of the afternoon.

Gross. Why do that to yourself?

Sometimes it’s good to go to that nasty place, to test our mental resolve when our bodies are screaming, and push against the limits we’ve often imposed on ourselves.

The cool thing is, this is a great way to get a little taste of where we’re at with our energy systems training BEFORE the Open while also finding out that those self imposed limitations maybe aren’t there anymore.

No doubt we’ve all been feeling it the first three weeks of this cycle. These metcons have been tough, and definitely are not only different than what we’re used to, but they’re forcing us out of our comfort zones.

If you’ve been coming on Mondays this cycle though, we’ve been preparing just for Fran with our progressions. So guess what? Not only might it not suck so bad, it might actually feel good!

Things like a benchmark WOD or the Open are scary when we go into them unprepared, but this time you’ll be ready.

You’ve already been adapting, learning to recover, how to pace, how to move more efficiently, and strategize. Your body is making the neurological connections and changes necessary to be ready for what’s coming.

If you’ve put in the work, now is the time to prove it to yourself!

That’s why we plan and practice. We hit the hard stuff now, so that when the time comes to perform, it isn’t a big shock to our system. Fear just comes from the unknown, and at CFHV we’ll move forward with confidence because we’ve prepared to face whatever may come.

Believe in yourself, trust your body, and be proud of your performance as long as you gave it your best effort.

Let’s have a great week!