Ok, so today is the BIG day…right? Or is it? Does it have to be? I mean, maybe it is…let’s explore.

Today we’re doing Fran. For some of us, this is a very exciting day that we’ve been looking forward to since starting this cycle. For others, it’s  a day filled with dread & anxiety.

Guess what though? That doesn’t mean we can’t ALL walk away fulfilled today.

But seriously, what is it about Fran? Everyone has their 2 cents on the best approach: Is it the intensity? The power output? Unbroken? Rest at the top? Rest in the back rack?

Is it that we call it the that other 4 letter word? Be honest, did your skin crawl when you read the title of today’s blog?

What’s the most important thing to focus on today is giving your full effort, no matter where your current ability level is it. There are many of us who maybe aren’t ready to take this on as RX- and that’s OK!

Fran is meant to be fast and intense. If scaled appropriately we should be able to finish in under 7 minutes. Maybe that means jumping pull-ups or ring rows today. Maybe that means thrusters at a lighter weight. These are all just as valid as going RX, because the intensity is relative to each of us.

Remember too that our performance on any given day has a lot to do with everything leading up to that day that we’ve done to support our success. Here are some things that are important to consider no matter what training we’re doing.

  • What are your training goals?  Are you just looking to sweat and move?  Lose weight?  Build strength?  Work your gymnastics?  These are all different goals, and focusing on one might mean making concessions somewhere else.
  • The 23 hours a day you spend outside of the gym will support the 1 hour you are here.  This means that your nutrition, protein, supplementation, mobility, sleep, & REST are very important!
  • Even if you pay attention to all of the above, training 5 or 6 days in a row may not fit your goals at your current ability level.
  • Going RX is a great goal, but not a requirement.  CrossFit High Voltage uses a progression based system.  This means everybody does the same workout, and should be having the same “feeling” during the work.

Let’s remember that last one. It is a collaboration between you and your coach that will determine the appropriate scaling for you each day on your lifts & WODs to make sure the intention is met.

It’s human nature to feel a little anxiety. Maybe that anxiety isn’t apprehension though, maybe it’s excitement!

If you’ve been coming on Mondays this cycle, we’ve already been preparing for this day. You are ready. You have your crew that you WOD with every day there to support you, AND you have the entire CFHV Community that is going to be going through it with you!

Always remember…you’re here to have FUN!