Over the Hump!

Over the Hump!

Over the Hump!

We’re officially over the hump, with three weeks down and two to go! As predicted, 19.3 was epic yet again.

This was a tough one for all of us to judge- and this isn’t training, it’s testing! I know sometimes it’s tough to get that “no rep” called in the heat of the moment, but it happens to us all.

Holding the standard is what makes us who we are and builds our character. There’s an old saying that I like, “how you do anything, is how you do everything”. It means what we do when nobody is looking or when we think it doesn’t really matter is just as important as if all eyes were on us.

It’s a great characteristic that will carry through to influence every aspect of your life.

There were many more awesome moments, PR’s, and break-throughs at FNL. I personally got to witness many people get not just their first, but MANY strict handstand push-ups.

For every moment of triumph I witness, I know there are so many more I am missing. What’s important is that I am SO proud of each and every member of this gym, every day- CF Open or not.

You guys fill my cup up in such a beautiful way, and it’s such a privilege to have the honor to lead this community. Your tenacity, spirit, grit, and loyalty to CFHV and each other is such a special thing.

So now we look to the final 2 weeks.  What can we expect? Well, we haven’t seen: muscle-ups, burpees, deadlift, snatches, , overhead squats, thrusters, or c2b pull-ups. Those are all pretty common in the Open.

It’s hard to predict what’s next, but not to worry! I’ve programmed out the next 2 weeks to specifically focus on the very movements that I just mentioned above, so you will be ready as always!

For 19.5 we know we’ll likely see thrusters. With the love that HQ is giving to the strict movements, my prediction is a “Fran” variation involving strict C2B or Muscle-Ups and Thrusters- maybe even with dumbbells.

…but who knows? CFHQ has been very inventive this year and kept us on our toes. In any case, I’m excited to finish strong and I know you all are too!

Let’s have a great week of training!

As always, don’t forget you MUST enter your scores by 5pm on Monday or it doesn’t count! HQ makes no exceptions, so make sure to go to https://games.crossfit.com/ scroll down, and click the “submit scores” button.  Enter your score, your affiliate, your judge, and the final split time.  Trust me, you don’t want to forget!