A Day of Firsts, plus…a NEW class is coming!

A Day of Firsts, plus…a NEW class is coming!

A Day of Firsts, plus…a NEW class is coming!

Here we go into the final week of the Open, but before we wrap things up let’s take a look back at 19.4.

No doubt this one might have been a little frustrating for some of you. CFHQ made a modification to what constitutes a bar muscle-up no rep in not allowing the arms to touch.

While I think this was ultimately a prudent decision, it does potentially limit some of those moments for getting a first muscle-up.

…but you know what? That didn’t stop you guys!

FNL was absolutely lit up with a night of firsts. Not just first bar muscle-ups, but first C2B, and tons of first pull-ups! I can’t possibly have caught them all, but I tried to make a note of as many as I could.

Early in the day I got the news that Andre and Todd both got their first bar muscle-ups. Then Coach Jess who just got her first C2B last week got her first bar muscle-up.

At FNL, I personally witnessed Myra do kipping pull-ups for the first time ever in an Open WOD. I saw Ray who hasn’t done muscle-ups in years because of a bad shoulder knock out a few reps.

I saw Hudson struggle for a while, only to blow up the gym with a bmu in the last 15 seconds. Chris VanLoon who only got his first bmu about a month ago knocked out 10 and made it to the second round.

Chad struggled initially, and then knocked out a set of 3 unbroken reps. Jeff Swartz got his first ever strict pull-up after doing personal training with me utilizing our “All I Want for Christmas” 5 part program for pull-ups.

Kristine came to me really discouraged and nervous about having pull-ups in the WOD, only to get her first 10 pull-ups! The night neared it’s end with the gym erupting in excitement over Jesse getting her first two pull-ups- her goal since starting CrossFit!

We do the Open to test ourselves, to support our community, and to have FUN…but these are the special moments we’ll remember for a long time. We get the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves that we’ve ever been each day.

I’m so proud. I’m proud of every one of you for going outside your comfort zone. I’m proud of every one of you for giving every last ounce of energy to making the Open great. I’m proud of the way you all support one another in triumph, or defeat.

This week, you should be proud of yourself. Let’s have a great end to the 2019 Open Season!

As always, don’t forget you MUST enter your scores by 5pm on Monday or it doesn’t count! HQ makes no exceptions, so make sure to go to https://games.crossfit.com/ scroll down, and click the “submit scores” button.  Enter your score, your affiliate, your judge, and the final split time.  Trust me, you don’t want to forget!

I promised a big announcement in Friday’s blog teasing an all new class headed to CFHV in the Spring, and today I have that announcement!

Starting on Saturday, April 13 in our specialty class time slot from 10:30am -12:00pm we will have a six week BOXING CLASS with special guest coaches and CFHV members Mike & Brooke Hazard!

To keep the highest quality and to accommodate the new equipment, this class will be capped at 20 members.

The best news? It will be included in your Unlimited membership at no extra charge! Don’t have an unlimited membership and still want to attend? No problem, you can buy a drop-in pass, or ask us about a 6 week boxing pass for the whole cycle.

More details to come in the next month, but keep an eye out for posters and more news in the coming weeks. We’re really excited to bring you something totally new, fresh, and exciting!