• Dan Crawley

    Owner, Programming, & Coach

    • Cert: CF Level 2, CF Level 1, CF Gymnastics, CF Mobility, CF Kids, OPEX Assessment, OPEX Program Design, OPEX Lifestyle Coaching, OPEX Nutrition, OPEX Business Systems, OPEX Certified, USAW Level 1
    • Start: January 2011
    • WOD: Nate
    • Lift: Power Clean & Squat Snatch

    Athletics is something that never came naturally for me. This means the road to reaching my goals has been filled with obstacles, challenges, and trials in patience. I believe this gives me a unique perspective and empathy for anybody I have the privilege to coach as they face the struggles along their own path to improvement.

    I strive to constantly further my education not only via literature and video, but by attending seminars and consulting with the best minds in their respective disciplines. Coupled with my own trial and error in my daily training and the humbling lessons of being a consistent competitor, I hope that I can take these valuable experiences to create the best environment for each athlete’s success.

    I’ll always do my best to innovate and design progressive coaching techniques to help unlock the potential in each of us.

  • Bryan Felix

    General Manager, Coach, Programming

    • Cert: CF Level 2, CF Level 1, CF Mobility, USAW Level 1
    • Start: March 2011
    • WOD: Tower of Power & 3 Bars of Death AKA ‘Linda’ the more lifting involved the better!
    • Lift: Back Squat

    Coaching is about a lot more than helping an athlete PR or perform a WOD as prescribed. What brings me great joy, as a coach is being able to make our members feel welcome and a part of our family by dispelling any fears they have when they first walk through our doors. The best feeling in the world is earning their trust and helping them make their day-to-day activities that much easier for them.

  • Deb Serpas


    • Cert: Level 1, CrossFit Kids
    • Start: 2011
    • WOD: Elizabeth and Cindy
    • Lift: Yikes very close between Backsquat and Deadlift

    Before CrossFit I was never truly an “athlete.” I had trainers at global gyms and did cardio boxing for 3 years. I was introduced to CrossFit 5 years ago and after recognizing the benefits and seeing a difference in my overall health and well-being I decided it would become my lifestyle. Training at CrossFit High Voltage has been such an awesome experience; working with some of the most knowledgeable and inspirational coaches out there. It wasn’t long before I discovered my inner confidence and strength. The sense of community at our box is second to none. Not only are the coaches amazing but you form lifelong friendships with the people you train with and “fight through the trenches.” These are the people that have helped me reach my goals and have motivated me to become a better athlete and a Coach.

    I get a sense of satisfaction when I am able to help others through knowledge and experience. I believe the basics and fundamentals are key to being successful in CrossFit. My goal as a Coach is to provide you with the tools necessary to reach your goals through fundamentals and help you become successful whether your goal is to be fit, lose weight, become a better athlete or just get in a good workout. It takes a lot of energy and dedication but at CrossFit High Voltage we work hard and always have fun! I truly enjoy working with every member of our gym and look forward to seeing what great things you can accomplish.

  • Jacquelyn “Dizzle” Deme


    • Cert: CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Level 1
    • Start: December 2009
    • WOD: Chippers
    • Lift: OHS

    I believe CrossFit is truly about overall health and wellness. I was fortunate to CrossFit throughout both my pregnancies right up until delivery!

    I believe that CrossFitting kept me healthy and aided in my recovery. What I love the most about CrossFit is that everyone can do it. There are so many scaling options no matter where you are currently at in your life with your fitness goals. What I love most about coaching is watching people transform their lives and achieving goals they never thought possible.

  • Robin Reader


    • Cert: Level 1
    • Start: 2013
    • WOD: Isabel and DT
    • Lift: Power Snatch

    In 2013 I joined my very first CrossFit gym, which just so happened to be CrossFit High Voltage. Since then, CrossFit has been a prominent part of my life. From Burbank to Los Feliz to Atlanta, I have immersed myself in CrossFit communities and met some of my closest friends, while also learning from some incredible coaches.

    I love CrossFit because I love seeing what the human body, and especially the female body, is capable of. CrossFit has not only empowered me as a woman, but has also given me the opportunity to empower other women as a coach.

  • Dessire Emralino


    • Cert: Level 1
    • Start: 2010
    • WOD: Nicole. I’m a big fan of running and sets of max pull-ups.
    • Lift: Squat Cleans

    I coach at CrossFit High Voltage because I love this community. It was a little over five years ago when I was introduced to the sport of CrossFit and the community at CFHV. CrossFit High Voltage and it’s dedicated coaches got me in the best shape of my life. I reached goals I never thought were attainable (pull-ups!). I felt inspired to help others and give back to the community who gave so much to me. I strive to help athletes reach their maximum athletic ability and support them as they work to their full potential.

  • Craig Lacko


    • Cert: Level 1, CF Mobility
    • Start: 2012
    • WOD: It’s a tie between “Murph” (I like the meaning behind it), or “Grace” (just because its fun).
    • Lift: The Clean

    First I liked learning about the technical aspects behind the movements & programming. But more importantly I wanted to be able to share what Crossfit gave to me with others. I really enjoy watching the transformation of people just starting Crossfit to becoming the athlete they want to be.

  • Derrick McCray


    • Cert: Level 1
    • Start: April 2012
    • WOD: Tower of Power & McGhee
    • Lift: Deadlift

    The decision for me to become a coach was a direct result of my CrossFit community. I frequently found myself in a position where several of my peers and fellow gym goers would ask me for tips on various skills and techniques. One day, a fellow CrossFitter recommended I take the ITP program to gain the knowledge and comprehension necessary to truly help and impact the community. My goal is simple, it is to simply give back some of the knowledge I’ve been graced with in my personal journey of being a CrossFitter.

  • Maurice Adkins

    Assistant Coach

    • Start: 2012
    • WOD: Annie
    • Lift: Overhead Squat

    My time in Crossfit has been spent with some amazing coaches. I have learned so much from these men and women over the years and they continue to be my inspiration. I coach for the simple fact that I enjoy being around those that choose to spend their time at CFHV! It was the coaches that helped spark my love for Crossfit and have helped to maintain this love. I hope to do the same for people that walk through our doors each and every day.