CrossFit High Voltage is offering custom 5 week programs tailored to helping you achieve your biggest goals. These private sessions will provide you with the highest level of individual attention to guarantee success.
What’s included:
5 – 30min Private Training Sessions (Sessions will meet 1x per week for 5-Weeks)
5 – Individualized Program Design Weekly Assignments

ONLY $199


Amongst us CrossFitters the “Snatch” is considered the ultimate expression of speed, strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. It also happens to be one hell of a tough movement to master. This five week course is designed to take your snatch to the next level by drilling you in fundamentals that will help you to break bad habits, build good ones, and ultimately conquer that barbell.

Ahhh the “Clean”…such a deceptively complex movement. Pick something up from the ground to your shoulder? Sounds easy enough, until you add a bit of weight and your body starts trying to do some odd combination of a fast deadlift into a reverse bicep curl into a tiptoe turtleback squat. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned CrossFitter this five week course will hold you to the high standards necessary to clean up your clean and make it look and feel the way it should.

Want to put some serious weight overhead? You are going to need a jerk. Not the kind that cuts you off on the highway, the kind that involves a perfect blend of aggression and finesse and ends with you rocking that power pose with barbell overhead. This five week course will help you develop the explosiveness, core control, and timing you need to show that jerk no mercy!


If movements were mountains, the muscle up would be Everest. There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting to the top for the first time. Whether you find yourself struggling with consistently getting muscle ups, or are just starting your journey towards your first one this five week course is for you. Combine the drills herein with your tenacity and dedication and it is only a matter of time before you reach your goal.

Few things look cooler than repping out some beautiful handstand push ups like it’s no big deal. Few things look worse than repping out some ugly off-balance overextended handstand push ups. That is why it is important to learn this movement the right way. This Five week course will focus on not only building the upper body strength needed to complete a handstand push up, but also the alignment, core strength, and flexibility needed to make it look damned good.

Being able to do a proper single-leg squat or “pistol” on each leg is a good indication of balanced lower body strength and mobility. It can also win you a few bar bets under the right circumstances. The pistol is a tricky movement to learn however, and done incorrectly can be hard on the knees. This five week course will put you through the progressions you need to shoot your pistol safely.

We know you want to be able to do a pull up. Want to know how we know? Because it is the one movement every living being on earth agrees is awesome. And yet that doesn’t make them any easier to do. Want to know what will? Our five week pull up course, that’s what. Proper technique, effective progressions and your own sweat are all the ingredients necessary to make it a reality.

Among the common gymnastic movements in CrossFit, the ole kipping toe 2 bar rarely gets its due appreciation. Upper body strength, core strength, flexibility, rhythm, coordination, accuracy, the toe 2 bar requires all these things in excess to pull off. Plus, we all love abs, don’t we? This five week course will build each of those necessary qualities up in layers until your T2Bs are NBD.

Double Under. Is that a trigger word for you? Are you clenching your teeth thinking about them? Is your blood pressure rising? Does it make you want to find your jump rope and fire it off a high rise in frustration? Easy now, it probably isn’t your jump ropes fault. Double unders have to happen fast. So fast that you don’t have time to think about what you are doing, and they hurt when you miss. That makes for some infuriating practice sessions. Our five week course will train your body to do instinctually what the mind cannot do consciously.