Our Memberships

We’re Not Your Average Gym…


CrossFit High Voltage, ‘Burbank’s Best’ Gym is a Fitness Training Center and School of Elite Fitness. 

We specialize in teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced CrossFitters the fundamentals of CrossFit’s functional movements, nutrition, and tools for a healthy lifestyle.

High Voltage is run on a progression based program of reaching your fitness goals.

Our focus is to go with you from where ever your point A is, guide you on the path to point B, and then beyond!

We offer several different membership packages to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

If you’ve made it this far on the website, then it’s for a reason.

You know you are capable of more – you know there is more out there – and you want to be a part of it!

Congratulations, welcome to Burbank’s Community of people who are committing themselves to live their best life possible!

What does training at High Voltage involve?

Our membership packages involve so much more than ‘just’ our amazing group classes or private training sessions.

Upon starting your fitness training at High Voltage you will begin with an individualized assessment with our expert Coaching staff, a goal setting session, and nutritional guidance.

Our Coaches (and probably a lot of your new friends in the community) will regularly check in with you and keep you accountable towards your goals.

We are not your average gym.

We provide expert coaching with a positive and supportive Community.

Whether it is in our popular group classes, in private training and skill sessions, or through phone call or email guidance, we are here to provide you the very best complete fitness program possible.

We offer several different monthly membership packages, each depending on your personal fitness goals and needs.

Because of the uniqueness of our program and facility, the best way to know how we can best help you is to schedule your Complementary 1 on 1 intro to CrossFit session.

We start everyone’s fitness journey right here!

If you’re someone who:

  • Has had it with your local Globo Gym
  • Are looking for an awesome new challenge
  • Want the attention of a personal trainer
  • Thrives off the excitement of a positive group class
  • And are ready to get in the best shape of your life…

Then you’ve found the right place!
Our Memberships come fully loaded – experience the High Voltage difference!

All High Voltage Membership Packages include:

  • Our exciting Group CrossFit Classes instructed by Certified & Qualified CrossFit Coaches
  • Nutritional Check Ins, Baseline Workout Check Ins, Private Skill Sessions, & Accountability
  • Nutritional Counseling & Nutritional eBook, and 30 Day Diet Clean Up
  • Included Access to any of our Open Gym Training Times (M-F, 8:00am-12:30pm, & 1:30pm – 4:30pm)
  • Any and all of our fun Community Events
  • Discounted rate on Specialty Programs (Endurance, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutritional Challenges, etc)
  • Discounted rate of 15% for Each Additional Family Member (for when they finally see how amazing you’re doing!)
  • Discounted rate to our In-House Challenges and events.
  • And of course, much, much more…

We’re not your average gym…CrossFit High Voltage uses the finest functional equipment available.

  • Custom Made Pull Up Bars • Two 40′ Rogue Infinity Rigs • Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting Barbells • Thousands of pounds of Bumper Plates
  • Kettlebells in all sizes/weights • Multiple Rogue Squat Racks  • Dynamax Medicine Balls (4#-30#)• 5 Glute-Ham Developers (GHD)
  • Multiple Sets of Rogue Rings and Ropes hung from the ceiling  • 10 Concept 2 Rowers • 5 Assault Air Bikes
  • Yoga and Stretching Mats • AbMats • Foam Rollers • Massage Sticks • Myofacial-Release Balls
  • Dumbbells • Benches • Yoke Bar • Chains & Lifting Bands • Jerk Blocks • Static Dips • Gymnastic Rings
  • Pull Up Assistant Bands for all abilities • Gymnastic Training Mushroom • Parralettes • Sand Bags • Westside Prowler and Sleds • Giant Tires
  • Plyometric Jump Boxes • Agility Ladders • Agility Cones & Hurdles • Balance Boards • Speed Jump Ropes
  • Clean Restrooms for Men and Women • Professional Cleaning Company Nightly • Shower • Professional Day Care • Clean Lounge • Refrigerator • Microwave • Private Parking Lot

CrossFit High Voltage. 
The Experience and Know-How to get you there. 
The Community to keep you coming.  
The full package to help you reach past your goals.
And So Much More.