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  • High Voltage Rising

    It’s been a pretty exciting week here at CFHV. So many members have been achieving new personal goals as well as setting some new ones. Our community has rallied around each other to show the love & support inside and outside the gym. I’m really proud of some of the things I’ve had the privilege to witness. Babies!: Earlier this

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  • Member Spotlight: Hugo De La Torre

    I really can’t help but love today’s member spotlight. He’s a quiet guy, but his actions come on like a roar! If you’ve ever seen him throw down in class, you know that he comes to perform. I’ve seen so much growth since he first started with us, and what’s even more special is that he’s made fitness a family

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  • Bringing Balance

    Over the weekend I held our monthly Coaching Development session. This is a time where all of the coaches get together and discuss some higher level concepts, share education, and generally try to take CFHV training for all of you to the next level. This particular session focused on programming, as well as talk of what a “balanced athlete” was.

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