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  • Spring Training

    strongWOD Returns: This class implements things that are more like what you’ll encounter in real life.  Lifting odd objects, asymmetric and unilateral exercises (one side at a time), and myriad of other cool new ways to move! Sandbags, yoke carries, farmer’s carry, sled pulls, prowler pushing, tire flips, Atlas stone, sledgehammer, the list goes on…and don’t forget you get to

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  • Member Spotlight: Eddie Martinez

    It’s the gentle giant today. Don’t let his imposing stature fool you, he’s one of the most humble, kind, and sweet guys you’ll ever meet. He’s a staple at our momWOD, but can be found at just about every class time. It’s because no matter his schedule, he always makes the time to get in his workout. Consistently I’m amazed

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  • Time to Rebuild

    Ok, so I touched on what comes next in Friday’s blog. If you missed that, check out Part 1 here: Any time the Open ends, it’s a time of rebuilding.  Unless you’re going to Regionals, now is when we go back to basics and assess our weaknesses. One of the biggest challenges many of us have is balance.  We’re right-handed,

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