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The Coaches & Community to Make Sure You Get There! 

CrossFit High Voltage offers cutting edge programs and classes to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

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The High Voltage fitness program is rooted in a progression based system of CrossFit, fitness, and movement instruction.

Our training programs are based on your unique goals.

Most people come in trying to get ‘Fit’, then, once they have a great base, want to ‘Perform’…some Perform so well, they want to make it a ‘Sport’.  We have full descriptions of our Fitness/Performance/Sport training programs below. Along with the help of our Coaches, you can choose any programming pipeline when it’s right for you and your goals.

Every class and training session is uniquely designed to help you learn, progress, and master basic through advanced movements & concepts – ultimately leading to you getting fitter, getting stronger, getting leaner…and becoming Ever Ready for anything!

Experience the effectiveness of personal training, at a fraction of the cost.

Technique, consistency, then intensity. The High Voltage Way. 

  • Our programs run simultaneously through out the year. With the advice of your Personal Roster Coach, you can always find the program that is right for you.
  • We are a goal oriented CrossFit gym. We design your fitness training to be effective, appropriate for your current level, and never boring.
  • Add it up…the result is High Voltage helping you reach your fitness goals faster and more safely than anyone else.
  • And we have the knowledge & experience to help you continue to realize the Results You Deserve as long as you desire.


Fitness Classes: Designed for Beginners to Start Any Day of the Week! 

Are you new to CrossFit? Been a way for a while and need to get back on track? Want to stay healthy, happy, and fit!?

When we start our journey at High Voltage, we want to give the most solid foundation possible – everything starts with being ‘fit’ first.

Balanced fitness is our foundation.

That’s why our ‘Fitness CrossFit’ classes are specifically designed with brand new CrossFitters in mind! No need to wait weeks for an On Ramp Program, our classes focus on the fundamentals each and every session, AND you get to be a part of our incredible Community.

During a ‘Fitness Class’ you will experience: 

  • A strong focus on perfecting our 9 fundamental movements, along with basic structural work, combined with basic energy system development.
  • Specifically Designed to give you the proper foundation to provide you Balanced Fitness in any CrossFit class you attend at High Voltage!
  • Form first, then consistency, THEN intensity.
  • All abilities and fitness backgrounds welcome.
  • Intensity and workload tailored to each individual. A solid CrossFit foundation is paramount to your long term fitness success.


Performance Classes: Designed to build upon your Fitness training, and take your game to the next level! 

Our Performance Classes and training builds upon the proper foundation set in our Fitness Training classes.

Performance Classes provide more varied movement selection, a deeper understanding of your own energy systems, and increased complexity.

During a ‘Performance Class’ you will experience: 

  • Each hour long session starts off with a dynamic warm up and assessment, then progresses to basic & advanced skill and technique development, finally building up to our action packed Workout of the Day (WOD).
  • This training session builds upon the foundations set in our Fitness Classes.
  • We individually tailor each training session to your current ability & with your future goals in mind. You will always be nudged a little closer to your goals each day!
  • You will learn more about your own performances, energy system efficiency, movement efficiency and virtuosity…and have a ton of FUN. This is part of our unique method of long term results & fitness gains!


Sport Classes (including our FIREBREATHERS Class)

Sport Classes, including our Firebreather’s Class, are designed to help athletes compete at the highest levels of our sport.

Programming in our Sport Classes focuses on elements that generally occur in ‘the sport of fitness’ while at the same time, providing a balanced, well rounded base to be ready for anything.

  • The Firebreathers class is our ‘Advanced Training Session’ (Sport Class), and members must test in by passing the ‘Trial by Fire’ Workout with the prescribed weights, and under the time limit.
  • This class uses our most advanced and progressive training methods available, and usually averages about 15-20 ‘spectators’ each session who want to watch the fireworks!

*Note, it normally takes a CrossFitter between 1-3 years of consistent training to be ready to ‘attempt’ to test in to this difficult class. 


Personalized Training

Need a little extra help to break through? There’s no faster way than with Personalized Training!

Check out our full program options for your 1 on 1 solution by clicking here.


Specialty Classes:  

High Voltage Barbell Strength

  • Ready to master the basic barbell lifts, or use the linear progression method to get really, really strong?
  • Ready to commit to a periodized strength program and reap the benefits?

If so, High Voltage Barbell Strength classes & program is for you!

  • Basic Starting Strength Program & Progressions
  • Squat, Deadlift, Press, Accessory Lifts
  • Perfect for anyone looking to gain Barbell Technique & tons of Strength
  • Class sessions are used as regular part of membership, with separate memberships available for the High Voltage Barbell Strength Program.
  • Saturday, 11am, and specialty programs through out the year.


Max Aerobic Power Classes (aka, MAP Sessions)

Looking to increase your conditioning, exercise variety, and reduce injury?

MAP Classes provide exciting CrossFit programming, designed specifically to increase your VO2 Max, pacing, aerobic stamina, and endurance!

Tons of movement variety and progressive scaling for everyone!

Programming for Fitness, Performance, and Sport. 


The AC/DC (aka Strucural/Cyclical)

Ready to get stronger and stay in the game?!?!

The AC/DC features structurally focused weight training, and short, intense cyclical conditioning (normally Concept 2 Rowing or AirDyne intervals).

Perfect for anyone looking to balance their body, prevent or rehab injury, get strong, and make lasting & sustainable fitness improvements.

During the AC/DC classes, you will experience structural based lifting, reduced injuries, balancing out your body, low impact conditioning (but still relative high intensity) and getting in great shape.

Programming for all levels: Fitness/Performance/Sport


We also offer our popular Specialty Programs through out the year:


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